8 Essential Sex Toys and Accessories For Women You Must Have

8 Essential Sex Toys and Accessories For Women You Must Have

A well thought collection of sex toys will support you in both your quality alone time and your partner play. Although you may have that trusty old vibrator that has been doing the trick, every self-respecting pleasure enthusiast should have at least a few of these 8 sex toys and accessories for women in their drawer.


1. Lube

Lubes must be on the top of you list when it comes to sex accessory. You can pick from water-based lube which is great for any and all play to a silicone lube which are ticker and handy for sex in the shower and anal play, just don’t use it with any silicone toys.

Purpose-made lube gives you the most bang for your buck. It improves all handwork, is a perfect fit for any backdoor play, marathon session or sex with a guy you're not that attracted to. It even increases endurance and sensation during masturbation and intercourse.

2. A Bullet Vibrator

Perfect for when you’re on the go, bullet vibrators are very small and usually fairly powerful for their size. They are discrete, fairly affordable and will look like just a lipstick in your handbag. And this? It’s a fancy necklace. The classic is the USB-rechargeable Mia 2, from Lelo, that ranges to multiple speeds and vibrating patterns.

3. A Rabbit Vibrator

Rabitt Vibrators are best sellers in the adult toy marketplace for a reason. Perfect for your “me time”, thanks to Sex and the City they are everywhere now.

A Rabbit Vibrator works to a women’s weak spot, providing stimulation to the clitoris whilst also providing internal stimulation.

Just make sure you stay away of cheapie Rabbit vibrators, which can be toxic. LELO’s Ina 2, and Jimmy Jane’s Iconic Rabbit are a few of the best.

4. Vibrating Cock Ring

How does having a clitoral stimulation during intercourse sound to you? Yes, that’s sex the way mother nature intended it!

Cock rings (aka penis rings, aka erection rings) is used to enhance an erection and orgasm by restricting blood flow on his penis and has a small vibrator on it to stimulate her clitoris during intercourse.

They are available from low-end disposables to high-end, luxurious artworks.

5. A Wand Massager

They are the classic “Cadillac of vibrators”. Originally made by Hitachi, they are the the strongest vibrators on the market and which has helped many women finally reach their happy place. ust remember that when you get this amount of power in one product, there's a trade-off between sound levels and super-strong vibrations.

If style and discretion is your priority, LELO makes a more aesthetically pleasing version.

Ideal as a sex toy when you’re alone, a Wand Massager comes handy as a back massager for him too.

6. A Remote Control Sex Toy

To be pleasured, invisibly, secretly, discreetly, from a distance, these fun toys put the control of your genital stimulation in your or your partner’s hands, literally.

LELO makes a line of remote control toys that can work from a distance of up to 12 meters and they work through walls, across a crowded room, a candlelit restaurant table, underwater or just in your bed.

7. A G-spot Vibrator

Not all ladies like having their G-spot stimulated, but for those who do, a toy can be the best way to get at it.

A g spot vibrator should have a built-in cure shaped and designed intended to make it easier to hit the sweet spot. When buying a good g spot vibrator look for four key elements:

  1. Design is safe for penetration
  2. Material is firm enough not to bend when inserted
  3. Tip of the shaft will be curved
  4. Size is comfortable for penetration

The ones with flared bases are also safe for anal play and it’s curve can be pleasurable when used anally for men too, as it can stimulate the prostate.

8. A Blindfold

You know everything feels naughtier when one of you can’t see. A Blindfold will heighten your other senses, build trust in your relationship with your partner, and the sexual tension is tightened. Take the kink factor to the next level with a matching set of made-for-play cuffs.


Remember, they say you can tell a lot about a woman from her drawer. Don’t be judgemental and start introducing a variety of sex toys to your relationship. You will be amazed how much added enjoyment it can bring to your sensual sessions. The question now is; ‘which one do you choose?’

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