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9 Sex Positions with Liberator Sex Furniture - The Ultimate Guide

9 Sex Positions with Liberator Sex Furniture - The Ultimate Guide

We all could use a little help to get us into that perfect sex position. Whether it’s getting the best angle for a deep penetration, elevating your hips enough to perfectly hit the G-spot, or nailing the high-rise doggy style just right, you don’t need to have gymnastics flexibility or perform contortionism to benefit from the amazing range of Liberator sex furniture.

Liberator is a US manufacturer of high quality bedroom gear and sex furniture for helping you achieve just the right sex position. Its wide range of sex furniture is designed to help make your sexual life more comfortable and allow you to get in positions that you didn’t even think you were able to. Whether you have movement or flexibility limitations, just want to explore every hidden corner of your partner’s body, or make rough sex even better, Liberator sex furniture is your best bet.

Liberator range goes from props and pillows, chaisesthroesharnesses and bondage accessories.

To help you get the most out of Liberator shapes and sex furniture, our sexperts teamed up with Liberator to put together this ultimate sex position guide for Liberator sex furniture. For that we picked the best sellers of our Liberator range:

The Liberator Wedge 

If you're new to the world of sex pillows, this is a good place to start. Sometimes all you need is an extra lift. The Wedge provides a slight yet extremely effective angle to allow for better access and support below your waist.


Best Positions for the Liberator Wedge


The Rodeo


Liberator Wedge - Rodeo Sex Position


The height of the wedge lets her tease and please him with hip twists, back-and-forth rubs and up-and-down pumps. With her arms locked in place she can revel in throw-the-head-back abandon while keep him pinned. 


High-rise Doggy style


Liberator Wedge - High Rise Doggy Sex Position


Being up on your hands and knees for too long can make you feel a little wobbly by being continually pulled back and forward, however with the wedge against your legs for support you won’t have to focus as much on maintaining stability for the position therefore your focus will be on enjoying the sensations.


Oral Sex – Cunnilingus


Liberator Wedge - Oral Sex Position


For oral sex the Liberator wedge can be used by him or her. When placed under her buttocks it lifts her hips up raising the pelvis to make access to her genitals easier by pushing the vulva forward and angled upwards. When she is performing oral sex on him, the wedge under him will lift his hips so she doesn’t have to bend down so far.


The Liberator Ramp

If you're looking for a more intense slope, the ramp can achieve even deeper positions and make up for more extreme height differences between partners. Instead of sinking into the mattress while making love, the firm “champagne” foam of the Ramp will provide both new angles to explore and the support you need.


Best Positions for the Liberator Ramp


Push to Start


Liberator Ramp - Push to Start Sex Position


For those who want to take the action out of the bed, the ramp can be used on any flat surface such as a table or any other piece of furniture. By leaning her over the ramp on a flat surface, this off-the-bed position provides a slight arch on her back allowing an easier entry for the penis to push against her G-Spot with every stroke. It also lets both partners add more excitement and hair pulling action.


Secret Agent


Liberator Ramp - Secret Agent Sex Position


The Ramp can help couples create loads of feel-good friction in this rear entry sex position. It provides an angle that guarantees he never slips out, no matter how hot and sweaty it gets.


Missionary Position


Liberator Ramp - Missionary Position Sex Position


Sometimes it can be hard to have adequate clitoral stimulation when performing the missionary position due to the position of the clitoris – further or closer from the vaginal opening. The Ramp gives a new range of angles to play around to increase your chances to reach orgasm from vaginal penetration.


The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo 

Combine the benefits of the Wedge and Ramp to create one ultimate bedroom accessory that allows you to fashion an intimate playground ready for adventure. A wedge/ramp combo allows your experience to be more customized to different positions and heights.


Best Positions for the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo


The Lustful Cobra


Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo - The Lustful Cobra Sex Position


This position serves a dual purpose by leaning her body forward. It provides a better angle to stimulate her G-Spot and gives him a privileged view of her genitals in action. The wedge support his fulcrum point letting him thrust upward while the ramp provides extra lower back support allowing him to perform longer and better.


The Bridge


Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo - The Bridge Sex Position


The Bridge sex position is perfect for those who enjoy sexy eye contact, however it can put a lot of pressure on her legs by being on top. Using the wedge ramp combo makes the position a lot more comfortable by placing the wedge under his knees serving as a support to lift his hips. This will also help take some burden off her thighs.


Periscope Down


Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo - The Periscope Down Sex Position


Combine the two pieces and let the magic happen when performing the periscope down sex position. The ramp keeps her legs tight and high to allow a deeper entry for him and providing a more sustained stimulation right where she wants. It also allows a more precise downward angling of his thrust to hit her G-Spot more precisely.


Now that you learned this 9 sex positions to perform with your favourite Liberator sex furniture piece, experiment for incredible fun and bring intense pleasure to the bedroom that you have never anticipated. It makes your favourite sex positions even better. If you’re into adventure, or simply want something to make sex more comfortable and pleasurable, Liberator Sex furniture is a must-have!

Grab someone you love and start exploring. Liberator sex furniture is best when shared.



Get Tied Down with our Top 5 Handcuffed Sex Positions

Get Tied Down with our Top 5 Handcuffed Sex Positions

Handcuffs, be they silken and luxurious or plastic and fuzzy, are many people’s first introduction to bondage play. Whether you’ve since become more advanced, or are just looking for a bit of direction before you get started, here are 5 top ways handcuffs can be used in the bedroom.

Up in Arms - Handcuffed Sex

1.Up in Arms

The position we typically picture when we image sexy uses for handcuffs or restraints; using one cuff on each wrist, the cuffs are used to tie both hands together. They can be threaded through the headboard (if you have the right kind of bed) or something else, like the banisters of a staircase, with the restrained partner lying on their back or stomach.

2.Free Rein

Has the wrong style of bed been holding you back from your handcuffed fantasies? This rear entry position is just the thing! It’s easiest to begin in a kneeling doggy-style position, then have the partner on bottom have their wrists cuffed behind them. When using adjustable ties, cinching them tight keeps your partner leaning forward yet unable to support their weight with their arms. If you leave the length between cuffs a bit looser, the partner on top can hold on it as though they were reins for a truly wild ride.

Sealed with an X-OH - Handcuffed Sex

3.Sealed with an X-OH

If you (or your partner) want to be completely at the mercy of the other for intense pleasure like edging, this can be achieved by adding another pair of restraints to the ankles, similarly looped through a bedpost. Completely immobile, a blindfold and earplugs can be added so that the only (heightened) sense they experience will be touch.

4.From Bottom to Top

Are you interested in experimenting as a Dominant with your partner? Whether you’re on the bottom in a position like missionary or riding high in a cowgirl position, the cuffed partner can use the band or chain connecting their cuffs around the back of the neck of the top partner to put slight pressure around their neck or pull them close for passionate kisses (or nibbles) on the neck and shoulder

A Little Tied Up Right Now - Handcuffed Sex Position

5. A Little Tied Up Right Now

This is a fantastic position for total submission if you have 2 sets of restraints. The receiving partner lies on their stomach as you handcuff both their hands behind their back. Next, you cuff one of their ankles, and then before cuffing the other, loop the middle strand around the band of the cuffs placed on their wrists. You can leave them loose for more comfort, or wind the intersecting bands for a tighter ‘hogtied’ position.

  • Madame C.
5 Mistakes We All Make in Bed (And How to Avoid Them)

5 Mistakes We All Make in Bed (And How to Avoid Them)

We all get caught up about what we think other people are thinking and expecting from us, particularly when it comes to dating and sex. This can mean not telling someone we meet on a dating app what sort of encounter we are truly interested in having, or not letting our partner know what feels good in bed.

1.Not Being Upfront

But why not tell someone you’re only looking for a hookup so there isn’t any misunderstanding about having brunch the next day? Why bother to have sex with someone at all if it’s not going to be the type of sex that will make you feel good? Sure, you might turn some people off with your honesty, but those aren’t the people who were going to be right for you anyway.

2.Not Taking Control

Our sexual anatomies are varied (and wonderful), and no one knows exactly how they work like you do. Learn about your own three Ps of pleasure—pressure, pace and place—and don’t be too shy to guide your partner’s hands or be explicit in letting them know how they can change up any one of those elements.

3.Lacking Confidence

We’ve all got our own hang-up when it comes to sexual self-esteem or our own body image, but vocalizing them to your partner –especially when you’re trying to feel sexy – empowers the issue to distract yourself from how desirable you actually are to them. Generally speaking, your partner would not be in bed with you unless they found you irresistibly sexy as you are, so own that and enjoy yourself!

4.Not Letting Yourself Go

We can’t always help being distracted during sex, whether stressing about a project we’re working on at the office or wishing our dog would stop scratching at the bedroom door, but truly enjoying the sex your having means, well, focusing on the sex you’re having.

It can seem like a cruel practice in futility to try and turn your brain ‘off’ just by thinking it ‘turn off brain!’ so try this instead: think about each touch and sensation you’re feeling on your body and narrate them to yourself. Think ‘she just gave me shivers up my spine when she kissed my jaw’ or ‘I love the way hands are cupping my body.’

5.Giving the Silent Treatment

While loudly faking an orgasm can be reminiscent of particularly poorly acted porn, staying silent during sex could be equally as uninspiring.

Your light moans, groans and verbalized encouragement show your partner when what they’re doing is something you like, and your pleasure and enjoyment shouldn’t be something you keep from your partner. (This goes for the chronically-silent gentlemen as well)!

  • Madame C.
8 Essential Sex Toys and Accessories For Women You Must Have

8 Essential Sex Toys and Accessories For Women You Must Have

A well thought collection of sex toys will support you in both your quality alone time and your partner play. Although you may have that trusty old vibrator that has been doing the trick, every self-respecting pleasure enthusiast should have at least a few of these 8 sex toys and accessories for women in their drawer.


1. Lube

Lubes must be on the top of you list when it comes to sex accessory. You can pick from water-based lube which is great for any and all play to a silicone lube which are ticker and handy for sex in the shower and anal play, just don’t use it with any silicone toys.

Purpose-made lube gives you the most bang for your buck. It improves all handwork, is a perfect fit for any backdoor play, marathon session or sex with a guy you're not that attracted to. It even increases endurance and sensation during masturbation and intercourse.

2. A Bullet Vibrator

Perfect for when you’re on the go, bullet vibrators are very small and usually fairly powerful for their size. They are discrete, fairly affordable and will look like just a lipstick in your handbag. And this? It’s a fancy necklace. The classic is the USB-rechargeable Mia 2, from Lelo, that ranges to multiple speeds and vibrating patterns.

3. A Rabbit Vibrator

Rabitt Vibrators are best sellers in the adult toy marketplace for a reason. Perfect for your “me time”, thanks to Sex and the City they are everywhere now.

A Rabbit Vibrator works to a women’s weak spot, providing stimulation to the clitoris whilst also providing internal stimulation.

Just make sure you stay away of cheapie Rabbit vibrators, which can be toxic. LELO’s Ina 2, and Jimmy Jane’s Iconic Rabbit are a few of the best.

4. Vibrating Cock Ring

How does having a clitoral stimulation during intercourse sound to you? Yes, that’s sex the way mother nature intended it!

Cock rings (aka penis rings, aka erection rings) is used to enhance an erection and orgasm by restricting blood flow on his penis and has a small vibrator on it to stimulate her clitoris during intercourse.

They are available from low-end disposables to high-end, luxurious artworks.

5. A Wand Massager

They are the classic “Cadillac of vibrators”. Originally made by Hitachi, they are the the strongest vibrators on the market and which has helped many women finally reach their happy place. ust remember that when you get this amount of power in one product, there's a trade-off between sound levels and super-strong vibrations.

If style and discretion is your priority, LELO makes a more aesthetically pleasing version.

Ideal as a sex toy when you’re alone, a Wand Massager comes handy as a back massager for him too.

6. A Remote Control Sex Toy

To be pleasured, invisibly, secretly, discreetly, from a distance, these fun toys put the control of your genital stimulation in your or your partner’s hands, literally.

LELO makes a line of remote control toys that can work from a distance of up to 12 meters and they work through walls, across a crowded room, a candlelit restaurant table, underwater or just in your bed.

7. A G-spot Vibrator

Not all ladies like having their G-spot stimulated, but for those who do, a toy can be the best way to get at it.

A g spot vibrator should have a built-in cure shaped and designed intended to make it easier to hit the sweet spot. When buying a good g spot vibrator look for four key elements:

  1. Design is safe for penetration
  2. Material is firm enough not to bend when inserted
  3. Tip of the shaft will be curved
  4. Size is comfortable for penetration

The ones with flared bases are also safe for anal play and it’s curve can be pleasurable when used anally for men too, as it can stimulate the prostate.

8. A Blindfold

You know everything feels naughtier when one of you can’t see. A Blindfold will heighten your other senses, build trust in your relationship with your partner, and the sexual tension is tightened. Take the kink factor to the next level with a matching set of made-for-play cuffs.


Remember, they say you can tell a lot about a woman from her drawer. Don’t be judgemental and start introducing a variety of sex toys to your relationship. You will be amazed how much added enjoyment it can bring to your sensual sessions. The question now is; ‘which one do you choose?’

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Clitoral vs. G-Spot Vibrators – Choosing your sex toy

Clitoral vs. G-Spot Vibrators – Choosing your sex toy

Over the past years, there has been a huge influx of clean, stylish, and tactful sex toy shopping choices for curious customers, but choosing your first vibrator can be a very intimidating possibility however, it is all down to personal choice. Narrowing down your list to the type of vibrator your body will like is the fundamental step for any first time buyer, so here we will cover the basics of Clitoral vs. G-Spot vibrators.

Where to star when choosing your type of vibrator

The first step to choosing your first vibrator is for you to decide on its main intention. What sort of pleasure are you looking for? Most especially, do you care about vaginal pleasure, clitoral pleasure or both?

Of course, majority of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. In the event that you belong to these set of women then, keep your eyes on vibrators that are specifically designed for the clitoris. There are quite a few types of clitoral vibrators accessible to women. Some provide pin-point stimulation while some also provide broad stimulation.

Clitoral Vibrators

Vibrators that provide clitoral pin-point stimulation center their vibrations to a narrow point. Women who would like to stimulate their clitoris directly in order to attain full orgasm are better matched to pin-point stimulation. Having toys of this type, the vibrator cannot give attention to the whole vulva at a go. On the contrary, you are only able to zoom right into your single main erogenous area.

G-Spot Vibrators

Vibrators that provide broad stimulation on the other hand possess a big vibrating head. Its main aim is to offer you an equal vibration amount across your vulva and your clitoris. Should you belong to the set of women who desire to stimulate areas around your clitoris, you will most likely get pleasure from a broad stimulating vibrator. A good example of vibrators that provide broad stimulation is the Svakom Emma.

Furthermore, the majority of clitoral vibrators are not fit for internal use. Thus if you are one the several women that need something that can provide them with internal stimulation (vaginal stimulation) in order to reach orgasm, then you should keep your eye on internal vibrators.

Just like clitoral vibrators, whenever you want to buy internal vibrators, you will need to ask yourself: what do I need? Do I need pressure directly on my g-spot? Do I require something that can simultaneously provide me with stimulation on my clitoris?

In case you would like the stimulation to be directed at your g-spot then, keep an eye on a vibrator that is labeled as “g-spot” or have it as part of its name and likewise, with a G-spot curve image. The majority of the internal vibrators focus directly on the g-spot.  In contrary to the clitoris, the g-spot demands very powerful stimulation. As a result of the g-spot’s need for solid pressure, g-spot vibrators can be substituted for your hand including your partner’s tired hand. As a matter of fact, a few women can even reach orgasm from the right kind of G-spot stimulation.

In addition, g-spot vibrators are capable of providing you with direct and amazing stimulation. Have you noticed how the body of this vibrator curves suddenly upward? Vibrators that curve upward will without doubt hug your g-spot all through the penetration.

Rabbit vibrators – All in one

Do you belong to the third set of women that require simultaneous stimulation both in the clitoris and the g-spot? Then you should keep an eye on a rabbit vibrator. These vibrators are perfect for women who have a preference for mixed orgasms, or orgasms wherein they feel clitoral stimulation as well as g-spot pleasure at the same time.

A very good example of a first rate rabbit vibrator is the Svakom Lester. Svakom Lester Rabbit Vibrator spots the entire internal shaft that clasps the g-spot while at the same time vibrating the clitoris with its clitoral arm.

The disadvantage of a rabbit vibrator is that, due to the great differences in women’s bodies, not all rabbit vibrators can match your own distinctive dimensions. For instance, should your clitoris be set further away off of your vaginal opening, the clitoral arm of the rabbit vibrator may be unable to reach you. This is something to take note of when shopping for rabbit vibrators.

And there you have it! You have now narrowed down your choices to vibrator type. Lastly, never forget to ask yourself questions about your body. Vibrators are not just fantastic to make use of, they also make fantastic sexual aids suitable for couples to make use of together in order to add something just a little varying to their relationship.

Do you prefer g-spot stimulation or clitoral stimulation or both? Is it pin-point stimulation or broad stimulation that you prefer most? Remember to reward yourself with a vibrator that is suitable for your body. Doesn’t matter if it is a Clitoral Vibrator or a G-Spot Vibrator, either way your sexual experiences will definitely be enhanced.

Above all, do remember to have fun!

20 Fun Facts You Don't Know About Fun Factory Sex Toys

20 Fun Facts You Don't Know About Fun Factory Sex Toys

FUN FACTORY was founded because two engineers wanted to create a better sex toy than anything else on the market, and until now they try to do that with every toy they design.

Each FUN FACTORY sex toy is made in Germany using twenty years of expert knowledge—designed, produced, and packaged under one roof. Every vibrator and pulsator comes with a warranty, because they believes in FUN YOU CAN TRUST. 

Here your find 20 fun facts that will help you understand why Fun Factory stands as Europe's largest manufacturer of erotic adult toys with high standards of innovation and quality.


Fun Factory Facts

1. FUN FACTORY products are proudly 'Made in Bremen', a city in northern Germany for 20 Years

2. All toys are designed, produced, and packaged under one roof, giving them one of the smallest carbon footprints in manufacturing.

3. Their comprehensive recycling practices save about 40 tons of resources a year!

4. Packaging is eco-friendly: made of recycled cardboard without plastic or glue and printed in Germany using soy ink.

5. Their offices are filled with art made from repurposed leftover silicone by DNS, a factory employee!

6. Their silicone is hand-poured and even hand-finished by their highly trained factory staff, without the use of abrasive chemicals to smooth out any unwanted texture. 

7. FUN FACTORY products meet the highest standards that our customers have come to appreciate over the years. 

8. Pioneer of silicone sex toys that are innovative, stimulating, exciting, powerful, and, of course, FUN

9. In 2008, they became the first sex toy manufacturer ever to win a mainstream design award, for the Fun Factory Delight G-Spot Vibrator.

10. FUN FACTORY were the first to make a rechargeable and waterproof toy. They call it Click’n’Charge. 

11. Another first: making a vibrator out of medical grade silicone. Such trendsetters.

12. Designers Bauer and Pahl wanted to make a visually appealing, body-safe alternative to the hyper-realistic, flesh-tone, chemical-smelling sex toys that made up the market at the time.

13. FUN FACTORY invented the PULSATOR - a toy that thrusts on its own, for hands-free fun.

14. The Bi Stronic Fusion is the world's first dual action toy to combine a pulsator and vibrator in one. Feel the fusion!

15. FUN FACTORY’s Generation 5 toys (G5) are flexible, for endless positions and an extra wild play. They call this their FlexiFUN Technology.

16. PATCHY PAUL is their signature vibrator and their #1 bestseller in Europe. So they erected a giant inflatable PATCHY PAUL to celebrate.

17. The first FUN FACTORY dildo was called Paddy Penguin. No prizes for guessing what it was shaped like.

18. FUN FACTORY sold about 20,000 Share Vibes, their vibrating double dildo, in the last year.

19. Pink is their bestselling color across the board.

20. Fun Factory are TOYS YOU CAN TRUST!