Penis Pumps: What Are They? How Do They Work? What Are They For?

Penis Pumps: What Are They? How Do They Work? What Are They For?

Penis pumps are versatile devices. They can be used by those who want a more vigorous and intense erection, but also by those who have difficulty maintaining it.

Easy to use and cost-effective, vacuum pumps are a valuable item in many men's sex toys and accessories arsenal.

Perhaps the most striking thing about penis pumps is their structure. A plastic or acrylic tube, manual or automatic pumps, tubes, rings... what is all this for?

In this article, we’ll understand how penis vacuum pumps work and how they can help you achieve a much more enjoyable and pleasurable sex life.


How does the penis pump work?

First, let's see how it works.

The penis pump works like this: The man inserts his penis (usually while flaccid - we’ll explain why!) into the acrylic tube. He then uses the pumping system to draw air out of the tube, forming a vacuum that stimulates an erection. Once the penis is stiff, you can remove the tube, attach a penis ring to the base of the penis (to help keep it hard at full power) and go on for an exciting sex session.

The whole idea behind the penis pump is to let enough blood flow to the penis, making it erect and strong. This is why it works so well in young men as well as in older men, or those who are having trouble getting their penis hard.

The vacuum created by the pump "forces" the blood flow to the tip of the penis, making the entire penis hard in the process. Once erect, the pump can be removed from the penis and a penis ring is used to "trap" this blood in the penis. This helps maintain a more powerful and lasting erection.


What are the advantages of the penis pumps? 

IT IS VERY EASY TO USE: Both the wearer and his partner can have a great time during foreplay using it, "preparing" the penis for the moment of truth! Having the "power of growing" in one's own hands is exciting for many people.

IT WORKS: Whether it's just for fun, for a more 'energetic' sex or for treating medical problems, the penis pump always helps to achieve a harder and lasting erection.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Scientific research among men with erection dysfunctions reveals up to 80% approval rating for the penis pump - that is, the method is quite helpful in improving their sex life.

LOW COST THAT FITS IN YOUR POCKETS: You can find here at Madame Claude several different models of penis vacuum pumps and enlargers, per your taste and your budget! 

IT’S SAFE AND TOTALLY NON-INVASIVE: Unlike other equipment designed to get an erection, the pump uses non-invasive methods, is painless, fast and safe.


Safety tips: if used the right way and for the right time, a pump is unlikely to cause any inconvenience to the man. For this, a guideline is not to use it for more than 30 minutes straight. The penis ring should also be worn for the same maximum amount of time. 


Does the penis pump make the penis grow?

Penis Pumps And Enlargers

There are many astounding myths and stories about the ability of penis pumps to do miracles for men’s self-esteem, giving a few inches in penis growth for its users.

Undoubtedly, when it’s said that a device can increase the length and thickness of the penis easily and painlessly, who wouldn’t be interested?

The pumps are a system for generating and strengthening erections. The increased blood flow to the penis and retention of blood in the organ make it bigger and thicker, naturally - and this effect can last for several hours after the pump is used! It’s very exciting for both the man and his partner to have a bigger penis to play with!

Over time, it’s possible that constant use of the pump leads to a few millimeters increase in penis size. But this is not a definitive solution, as failing to stimulate the penile structure through the pump can make it go back to its actual size.

The fact is, penis pumps are great at maintaining stronger erections, but penile growth is just a more than welcome side effect!


The penis pump is worth to whom?


The penis pump is also a great help for people with some conditions that make sex difficult, such as diabetes. The vacuum created by the pump generates a more "natural" erection than through drugs or grafts.


With so many advantages, it's no wonder penis pumps are some of the most sought after items in sex shops. Such popularity can only mean one thing: much more pleasure in bed! Enjoy the latest in penis pumps with 100% discreet and safe delivery and shop online for sex toys here at Madame Claude Adult Boutique.

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