10 Hot Things to Do in Bed with Your Partner

10 Hot Things to Do in Bed with Your Partner

Life is precious, and time shouldn't be wasted on bad sex.

Yes, bad sex can provide some entertaining conversations with the girls, but in the end, no one wants to not enjoy themselves in the bedroom. If you're stuck in a bedroom rut, there's still hope.

Luckily for you, there's plenty of fun techniques and products designed to amp up your sex life and hopefully help you reach that coveted orgasm you've been craving.

Below is a list of 10 hot things to do in bed for you and your partner to try! Keep reading to keep raising the heat.

1. Keep Teasing

We know it's tough not to start tearing clothes off as soon as the door is shut, but see how long you can tease each other with your clothes still on. Feel free to grab hair, rub each other on all the right spots, and have a heavy make out, but do all of this still fully clothed.

Once you absolutely can't stand the restriction anymore, you can undress. But only the first layer. Get down to your bra and panties/boxers.

Now touch each other even more while the anticipation builds. Once you're ready to go, take your clothes off and get to it. The result is worth the wait.

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2. A Little Pain Can Add a Little Pleasure

Pain and pleasure release very similar chemicals in the brain. There are tons of endorphins released during pinches of pain that can be experienced positively.

You don't have to go full Fifty Shades for hot things to do in bed, but maybe you can bite along the neck a little bit. Try spanking and leaving a light hand mark on your partner's behind, or add a whip if you're feeling extra spicy.

Rough sex can be fun sex. As long as everything is discussed and consensual, there's no harm in releasing your wild side.

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3. Add Toys to the Mix

Many women are unable to reach climax without the addition of a vibrator. Not only are toys ways for you to add hot things to do in bed, they can greatly benefit either partner.

Try inserting a remote-controlled bullet vibrator inside her while you hold the controller. Don't tell her when you're going to turn it on and watch her bounce in anticipation. Her excitement will get you aroused and ready to go.

To add a little more fun, throw a blindfold on her or try this in public. Not only can you spice up the bedroom, you can make your dinner date more fun too.

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4. Get Out of Bed

While there are tons of hot things to do in bed, get out of bed.

Maybe the next time you two stay in and cook dinner, find another use for your kitchen counter. If you are enjoying a hot day in the pool, go for a sexy skinny dip. Mixing up the routine can keep your sex life interesting.

If you don't necessarily want to leave the privacy of your bedroom, add some sex furniture. It provides comfy positioning, allowing you to discover your new favorite kink. It's also super comfy for a post-sex nap.

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5. Talk Dirty to Me

We are aware actions speak louder than words, but words hold power. Before there's any physical contact, use verbal contact to spark arousal.

Once you hit the sheets, take a second for no touching. Tell each other what you enjoyed about last time and what you want this time. Compliment each other.

If you know he has a thing for sexy professors, tell him exactly what he's going to have to do to earn an A in class. Imagination is key to a good sex life.

6. Rub It Out

In both men and women, at least 80% of people are masturbating. Now that we know almost everyone is doing it, show each other how you do it.

Not only is this one of the top hot things to do in the bedroom, it can also help teach your partner exactly what you like. You know yourself best.

Once you show each other what you like, let the other person try for a bit. Don't be afraid to speak up if it's not correct at first. Practice makes perfect.

7. A Costume Party for Two

Break out your sexy nurse costume you bought for last year's Halloween. It would be a shame to let such an expensive thing go to waste. Plus, I think he's in need of his yearly physical.

Role play is always a guaranteed way to spice things up. Tap into your secret fantasies, share them, and then act them out.

Who wouldn't love a hot affair between a cop and his criminal catch for the night? It's a perfect excuse to use the handcuffs you have been dying to try. To make it more fun, pick out costumes for each other.

If it's a little awkward at first, that's okay. Work through the laughter.

8. Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Most people enjoy a good porno, we just may not admit it. If you do, tell your partner, and then tell your partner you want to reenact it.

Maybe don't pick one of the slightly too aggressive films that take place in a poorly built dungeon, but if you see a move that seems like it could work, try it out. Adding porn into your sexual routine is one of the many hot things to do in bed.

Next time you Netflix and chill, porn-watch and chill.

9. Practice Your Dance Moves

"Pony" by Ginuwine will never, not be a classic. If you've been dying to see your man channel his inner Channing Tatum, look no further than the bedroom.

Turn on the tunes and start dancing. Not only is dancing great exercise and a great way to build body confidence, it adds a light-hearted element to sex.

Lap dances aren't just for the club, bring it into the bedroom.

10. Have Fun

When it comes down to it, having fun with your partner is all you need for a great time in the sheets. If you all are laughing and genuinely enjoying each other's presence and bodies, you're doing it right.

Sex should work for you, not against you.

Hurry, There are so Many Hot Things to Do in Bed

You don't have to squeeze it all into one night. That may get a little too exhausting.

Whether it's purchasing one of our fun sex toys or checking out our sex blog together, there are tons of opportunities to make your bedroom activities even hotter. Check out our site to see all the exciting adult products we offer and don't be afraid to try them out.

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