How to Last Longer in Bed With Delay Gel and Spray for Men

How to Last Longer in Bed With Delay Gel and Spray for Men

Man, imagine you after days in the expectation and in the heat of the moment it does not last more than a few seconds. Frustrating for both you and your partner, isn’t it? 

A quickie sometimes goes well - as long as it's not because you haven’t been able to handle erection and ejaculation, but many men finish sex sooner than they would like. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are very common problems, affecting most men during their lifetime.

There are also men who do not go through problems of premature ejaculation but want it to last longer, increasing the chances of a better sexual performance contributing to the satisfaction of his partner, as woman usually has more difficulty reaching orgasm.

Whatever is your case, we will introduce you here the delay gel and sprays that will help you to last longer in bed. It is possible to have more quality and prolonged time in your sexual relations. Follow us!


What are the main causes of premature ejaculation? 

Before we get into these life saver products, let's briefly recap what are the factors that can lead to premature ejaculation and its unpleasant consequences.

Premature ejaculation is basically when the man reaches orgasm quicker than he expects. Commonly associated with psychological factors, especially due to our stressful day to day routine, premature ejaculation can also be triggered by biological factors.

The most troublesome are the psychological factors, when they often provoke insecurity in man. Much of the insecurity has a reason: men, since their first sexual intercourse, seem to have an obligation not to fail. It is something that is directly linked to their virility, self-confidence and the confidence they inspire in their partners. It is understandable.

Among the most common biological factors are: genetic factors, thyroid disorders, inflammation or infection in the prostate or urethra, hormonal levels above normal, levels of neurotransmitters above normal, abnormal activity of the ejaculatory system and damage to the nervous system caused by traumatic experiences or surgical.

The most common psychological factors are: anxiety, erectile dysfunction, relationship problems and use of psychotropic drugs (sedative, tranquilizer or antidepressant).


What is the delay gel that will help you last longer in bed?

Delay gel, as its name suggest, is a product that partially inhibits the sensitivity of the penis and helps man to delay ejaculation.

What are the forms of presentation of the delay gel? 

In general, they come in a small pack of 30 ml or so. Some have aroma, others don’t. Its colour is generally the same as a lubricating gel.

Alternatively, they come in cream and spray - the effects and benefits are similar, however the spray can provide a faster reaction.

It is important to mention that a product that also helps considerably in the maintenance of the erection and the delay of ejaculation is the cock ring, by lightly compressing the penis, promoting greater blood irrigation.


What are the advantages of using delay gel? 

The benefits of the delay gel go beyond helping to delay ejaculation. It promotes a pleasant feeling of warmth, so it also acts as a sexual stimulant. Lubrication is also one of the benefits of its fluid and wet appearance. “say something like : so both will enjoy its benefits.


How to use the delay gel?

The delay gel should be applied directly to the penis, especially in the lower part of the glans, commonly called head - or where there is greater sensitivity. If using a condom, the delay gel should not be used on it, but directly on the penis. Repeating: it is useless to apply on the condom because the effect is felt only when the product is directly in contact with the penis.

In average it takes one to three minutes to take effect on the penis, but each body can react in a way, and the prolongation of the effect is of at least half an hour, being able to extend depending on each organism.

It is not recommended to have oral sex after it has been applied to the penis as the product is not made for that purpose, it is not edible! Its flavor or aroma may not please the palate. So that oral sex and other foreplay are done before you apply the gel.


Pleasure is always welcome

As we have seen, the use of delay gel is an excellent starting point for helping you last longer in bed, improving the duration and quality of sex and even the relationship as a whole. It is an improvement for man that also benefits his partner with a better performance for more time in the trance and more intense and lasting pleasure.

So if it's time for a quickie, be comfortable to cut things short, but on a daily basis, to tighten and sustain the relationship, a short session in bed does not always work. Remember, you need confidence and firepower to carry sex longer and delay gel and sprays will be your best allies in this challenge. Visit our store and you will see how you can last longer in bed.

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