Tips on How to Use Anal Beads

Tips on How to Use Anal Beads

Have you tried using Anal Beads? Anal Beads is a sex toy that can be found in sex shops and consists of five balls or beads attached together in a series with a ring in one of its tips. The toy can be inserted in the vagina or in the anus. Those who have used it guarantee: the pleasure these beads provide to one’s sexual life is incredible. The anal beads can be used during foreplay, masturbation - alone or with partner - or as an introductory toy for those who are curious about experiencing anal sex. In this post, we will give tips on how to use it.

Learn more about Anal Beads 

There are different sizes of anal beads, but in general we can say they come in small, medium and large sizes. What differs from one size to another is the diameter of each ball. The ring on the tip should stay outside – it’s meant to make the toy easier to handle, so it can be inserted in the anus and then taken out several times during foreplay.

Anal Beads is a toy with a different purpose than Orgasm Balls or Ben-Wa Balls, which are two or three balls connected by a cord. Ben-Wa Balls are used to practice Kegel exercises, which consist of strengthening the muscles of the vagina through exercises. Kegel exercises positively contribute to sexuality and health, preventing urinary incontinence, bladder prolapse, among other conditions. They also help women to control the muscles of the vagina, which can then exert greater pressure on a partner’s penis during intercourse. The Anal Beads about which we speak in this article are used to spice up the foreplay and to provide more pleasure for him and for her.

How to use Anal Beads to spice up your foreplay

When introduced and removed from the vagina, the anal beads provide a delicious massage on the inner walls. When introduced and removed from the anus, the toy stimulates nerve endings and causes delightful sensations. Use your imagination to potentiate the effects of this erotic sex toy.

The tip is to bring this toy to the foreplay. To ensure comfort, it is essential to keep the beads lubricated. One suggestion is to use it with a thick anal lubricant, as this will bring you even more pleasure. Masturbate in front of him to heighten his arousal: insert the beads one by one, until only the ring is out. Use the ring to play with the anal beads and show him how aroused this toy makes you feel.

You could also let him take control of the situation! Let him play with the beads by inserting and removing them from your anus. For men, providing pleasure to a woman is a true fetish capable of increasing sexual arousal.

In addition to the foreplay, anal beads can also be worn during sexual intercourse. Insert the beads in the vagina, leaving only the ring out. As they move due to the penetration, the beads will massage the interior of the vagina, increasing her pleasure, and providing a different and new sensation for him when his penis touches the beads inside her.

Taking care of your Anal Beads

Regardless of the way it is used, it is essential to put lubricant in your anal beads before inserting them. This helps to increase the comfort and enhance the pleasure provided by the toy. Also, like any other erotic toy, it is important to wash the anal beads before and after using them. Let them dry before storing them, preferably in a plastic bag.


What do you think of using Anal Beads to spice up the foreplay with your loved one? Visit our Anal Beads collection to discover how this toys can make you feel and provide more anal pleasure in your sex life. Try it!

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