20 Fun Facts You Don't Know About Fun Factory Sex Toys

20 Fun Facts You Don't Know About Fun Factory Sex Toys

Fun Factory was founded because two engineers wanted to create a better sex toy than anything else on the market, and until now they try to do that with every toy they design.

Each Fun Factory sex toy is made in Germany using twenty years of expert knowledge—designed, produced, and packaged under one roof. Every vibrator and pulsator comes with a warranty, because they believes in FUN YOU CAN TRUST. 

Here your find 20 fun facts that will help you understand why Fun Factory stands as Europe's largest manufacturer of erotic adult toys with high standards of innovation and quality.


Fun Factory Facts

1. Fun Factory products are proudly 'Made in Bremen', a city in northern Germany for 20 Years

2. All toys are designed, produced, and packaged under one roof, giving them one of the smallest carbon footprints in manufacturing.

3. Their comprehensive recycling practices save about 40 tons of resources a year!

4. Packaging is eco-friendly: made of recycled cardboard without plastic or glue and printed in Germany using soy ink.

5. Their offices are filled with art made from repurposed leftover silicone by DNS, a factory employee!

6. Their silicone is hand-poured and even hand-finished by their highly trained factory staff, without the use of abrasive chemicals to smooth out any unwanted texture. 

7. Fun Factory products meet the highest standards that our customers have come to appreciate over the years. 

8. Pioneer of silicone sex toys that are innovative, stimulating, exciting, powerful, and, of course, FUN

9. In 2008, they became the first sex toy manufacturer ever to win a mainstream design award, for the Fun Factory Delight G-Spot Vibrator.

10. Fun Factory were the first to make a rechargeable and waterproof toy. They call it Click’n’Charge. 

11. Another first: making a vibrator out of medical grade silicone. Such trendsetters.

12. Designers Bauer and Pahl wanted to make a visually appealing, body-safe alternative to the hyper-realistic, flesh-tone, chemical-smelling sex toys that made up the market at the time.

13. Fun Factory invented the PULSATOR - a toy that thrusts on its own, for hands-free fun.

14. The Bi Stronic Fusion is the world's first dual action toy to combine a pulsator and vibrator in one. Feel the fusion!

15. Fun Factory's Generation 5 toys (G5) are flexible, for endless positions and an extra wild play. They call this their FlexiFUN Technology.

16. Patchy Paul is their signature vibrator and their #1 bestseller in Europe. So they erected a giant inflatable Patchy Paul to celebrate.

17. The first Fun Factory dildo was called Paddy Penguin. No prizes for guessing what it was shaped like.

18. Fun Factory sold about 20,000 Share Vibes, their vibrating double dildo, in the last year.

19. Pink is their bestselling color across the board.

20. Fun Factory are TOYS YOU CAN TRUST!



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