Clitoral vs. G-Spot Vibrators – Make up your mind

Clitoral vs. G-Spot Vibrators – Make up your mind

Over the past years, there has been a huge influx of clean, stylish, and tactful sex toy shopping choices for curious customers, but choosing your first vibrator can be a very intimidating possibility however, it is all down to personal choice.

Narrowing down your list to the type of vibrator your body will like is the fundamental step for any first time buyer, so here we will cover the basics of Clitoral vs. G-Spot vibrators.

Where to star when choosing your type of vibrator

The first step to choosing your first vibrator is for you to decide on its main intention. What sort of pleasure are you looking for? Most especially, do you care about vaginal pleasure, clitoral pleasure or both?

Of course, majority of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. In the event that you belong to these set of women, then keep your eyes on vibrators that are specifically designed for the clitoris. There are quite a few types of clitoral vibrators accessible to women. Some provide pin-point stimulation while some also provide broad stimulation.

Clitoral Vibrators - Pin point stimulation

Vibrators that provide clitoral pin-point stimulation center their vibrations to a narrow point. Women who would like to stimulate their clitoris directly in order to attain full orgasm are better matched to pin-point stimulation. Having toys of this type, the vibrator cannot give attention to the whole vulva at a go. On the contrary, you are only able to zoom right into your single main erogenous area.

In case you are after clitoral stimulation, We-Vibe Sync is your choice to go since it can be used not only for solo play but also with your partner even during penetration.

G-Spot Vibrators - Broad stimulation

Vibrators that provide broad stimulation on the other hand possess a big vibrating head. Its main aim is to offer you an equal vibration amount across your vulva and your clitoris. Should you belong to the set of women who desire to stimulate areas around your clitoris, you will most likely get pleasure from a broad stimulating vibrator. A good example of vibrators that provide broad stimulation is the We-Vibe Rave.

Furthermore, the majority of clitoral vibrators are not fit for internal use. Thus if you are one the several women that need something that can provide them with internal stimulation (vaginal stimulation) in order to reach orgasm, then you should keep your eye on internal vibrators.

Just like clitoral vibrators, whenever you want to buy internal vibrators, you will need to ask yourself: what do I need? Do I need pressure directly on my g-spot? Do I require something that can simultaneously provide me with stimulation on my clitoris?

In case you would like the stimulation to be directed at your g-spot then, keep an eye on a vibrator that is labeled as “g-spot” or have it as part of its name and likewise, with a G-spot curve image. The majority of the internal vibrators focus directly on the g-spot.  In contrary to the clitoris, the g-spot demands very powerful stimulation. As a result of the g-spot’s need for solid pressure, g-spot vibrators can be substituted for your hand including your partner’s tired hand. As a matter of fact, a few women can even reach orgasm from the right kind of G-spot stimulation.

In addition, g-spot vibrators are capable of providing you with direct and amazing stimulation. Have you noticed how the body of this vibrator curves suddenly upward? Vibrators that curve upward will without doubt hug your g-spot all through the penetration.

Rabbit vibrators – All in one

Do you belong to the third set of women that require simultaneous stimulation both in the clitoris and the g-spot? Then you should keep an eye on a rabbit vibrator. These vibrators are perfect for women who have a preference for mixed orgasms, or orgasms wherein they feel clitoral stimulation as well as g-spot pleasure at the same time.

A very good example of a first rate rabbit vibrator is the Svakom Lester. Svakom Lester Rabbit Vibrator spots the entire internal shaft that clasps the g-spot while at the same time vibrating the clitoris with its clitoral arm.

The disadvantage of a rabbit vibrator is that, due to the great differences in women’s bodies, not all rabbit vibrators can match your own distinctive dimensions. For instance, should your clitoris be set further away off of your vaginal opening, the clitoral arm of the rabbit vibrator may be unable to reach you. This is something to take note of when shopping for rabbit vibrators.

And there you have it! You have now narrowed down your choices to vibrator type. Lastly, never forget to ask yourself questions about your body. Vibrators are not just fantastic to make use of, they also make fantastic sexual aids suitable for couples to make use of together in order to add something just a little varying to their relationship.

Do you prefer g-spot stimulation or clitoral stimulation or both? Is it pin-point stimulation or broad stimulation that you prefer most? Remember to reward yourself with a vibrator that is suitable for your body. Doesn’t matter if it is a Clitoral Vibrator or a G-Spot Vibrator, either way your sexual experiences will definitely be enhanced.

Above all, do remember to have fun!

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