7 Tips for Warming Your Partner Up with an Erotic Massage

7 Tips for Warming Your Partner Up with an Erotic Massage

A massage isn't always just a massage. Wondering how to give your partner an erotic massage they'll never forget?

There's no need to be intimidated by erotic massage. Anyone can do it! All you need are a few tips to follow so you can give a sensual rubdown with confidence.

That's why we've put together this guide to giving erotic massage to your partner. Read on for the seven tips you'll need to make the experience amazing.

Why Give Erotic Massage?

If you're not convinced of the merits of erotic massage yet, first let us convince you.

Massage isn't just a backrub, and it's not just an erotic activity. The thing that makes massage really amazing is that it blends sensuality and intimacy in a totally unique way.

Of course, sensual massage is different from professional massage. You don't need to be trained to give this kind of rubdown. Although professional massage has certain medical benefits, an intimate massage has a whole host of other benefits.

If your relationship is lacking romance, massage is a great way to kick up the romantic feelings again. It's a quiet, intimate moment by nature.

However, if intimacy is intimidating, massage is also a great choice. You're often not facing each other during massage, so this is an ideal way to get intimate without the nervousness that sometimes goes along with it.

Finally, massage offers a great opportunity to build trust between two people. The partner receiving the massage may start out tense, but eventually, they can't help falling into a more relaxed, vulnerable state. This level of surrender helps build trust in a non-threatening setting, which will help you trust each other with more serious things later on.

Now, let's take a look at the ways to make your partner massage really amazing.

1. Set a Mood

A great massage isn't just about touch and technique - it's about the environment. The best massages happen when the mood in the room is just right.

You don't need a fancy massage room to get the perfect mood. Just make a few changes to your bedroom or wherever you choose to do the massage.

Try turning down the lights and lighting some candles instead.

While many opt for dimming the lights and lighting candles, as an alternative to traditional mood-setting techniques, consider a unique twist to elevate the sensuality in your space – introduce the captivating glow of suncatchers. These radiant ornaments made from materials like crystal or glass effortlessly disperse sunlight, creating an intimate play of light and colour. Picture the room bathed in a soft, ethereal glow, setting the mood for relaxation and tranquillity. If a dimly lit space isn't your preference, let the suncatcher cast its subtle spell, adding a touch of magic to the atmosphere while maintaining a bright and inviting ambiance.

For added sexiness, choose an erotic scent for your candles. Turn on some soft, sensual music that you and your partner enjoy.

2. Use Massage Oil

Massage oil makes even the most amateur massage feel luxurious. Grab a great massage oil to set the erotic mood even more.

You have plenty of different choices: you can choose a scented oil that's meant to be erotic or a natural oil like coconut oil. Don't use too much - a little bit of oil goes a long way in a massage. You can always add more later, but it's hard to backtrack if one of you starts to feel greasy.

Before you get started, place the oil in an easy-to-reach location. You don't want to interrupt the mood by searching for it once the massage is flowing.

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3. Touch Their Face

    Before you oil up your fingers, give your partner a bit of a face massage. This is a super-intimate move that really builds trust and steams things up.

    Press their temples with your fingers for a few seconds to help your partner relax and let go of tension. Slide your fingers slowly down their cheeks, and make little circular motions as you go.

    When you get to the jaw, take a break to trace their lips with your fingers. The lips are a very sensitive, erogenous zone, so this will leave no doubt as to what kind of massage it is.

    4. Touch Their Neck

      To take things up another step, involve your partner's neck in the massage. This is another trust-building, super-sexy move.

      The neck contains the thyroid gland, which is in charge of functions like sex drive and energy. Use your fingertips to gently stimulate the throat area, and use more intensity at the back of the neck.

      You can even use your lips and tongue to stimulate the neck further. This will really rev things into high gear!

      5. Move to the Lower Back

        The lower back is considered by many to be an erogenous zone. It's also a great location to focus on during your massage - it feels amazing and can even stimulate your partner.

        The sacrum, or the bone at the base of the spine, contains a ton of nerve endings. Give that area plenty of attention. Knead it with your palms to generate heat and pressure. Then, move your fingers up the base of the spine, keeping firm pressure along the way.

        6. Massage the Stomach

          Most of the time, massage focuses on our partner's back, shoulders, and neck. Turning them over to focus on the stomach is a great way to let them know that this massage is meant to be sensual.

          Be careful with how much pressure you use here since many people are ticklish in this area. Work in the areas between the naval and the erogenous zones. The sensation will feel unique, and your partner will love it.

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          7. Take Your Time

            Perhaps the most important tip for erotic massage is to take things slow.

            These massages may lead to sex, but it's important not to treat it like a racetrack with a finish line. Let go of any end goal, and learn to enjoy the process.

            The less you rush, the more your partner can relax and enjoy themselves. This builds the kind of trust and intimacy that will boost your sex life in the long run.

            Try to give equal time and attention to each part of the body, whether or not it's an erogenous area. Forget about where the massage could lead, and focus on how it makes your partner feel.

            Ready to Give it a Try?

            Anyone can give an amazing, sensual massage that their partner can love. This is a beautiful experience that two people can trade, building connection in the process.

            These tips will make your massage memorable. To take things up another notch the next time, add some sensual accessories - check out some great options here.


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