Learn How to Choose the Ideal Personal Lubricant

Learn How to Choose the Ideal Personal Lubricant

Sex is good! Most of the world agrees. That sex is also very good for your health is no doubt to anyone either! And sex gets even better when there is pleasure, comfort and enjoyment for both during intercourse, doesn’t it? And to make it even more pleasant, today we have wide range of personal lubricants available in the market that help to entertain any stage of sexual play.

You fool yourself if you think that personal lubes are all the same and that it is only needed to make penetration easier. It can and should be used to add zest to your sexual life too.

But buying intimate lube can be confusing if you are a total lube novice as there are several differences between different types of personal lubricants out there, both in terms of who and when it will be used. The important thing is to know the options available in the market and make the choice that best suits your needs.

Are you curious yet? Settle down, before anything else, we’ll get to know more about this essential product that can do wonders. Soon we'll explain how you can choose a personal lubricant to call yours.

What is personal lubricants for?

When a woman becomes sexually aroused she gets naturally lubricated as the vagina engorges with blood, triggering glands that releases a clear, translucent fluid that blood vessels carry through the vagina walls, coating them with lubrication. This process is linked with estrogen and lower levels result in less fluid production and thinning of the vaginal walls, making woman more likely to experience discomfort or pain during sex.

Women and their partners tend to think of the vaginal dryness as a sexual defect, however how lubricated women get naturally does not always indicate whether or not they are sexually aroused. That’s when artificial lubrication can be used to make penetration more comfortable and pleasurable, reducing friction and avoiding pain and bruising.

And there are also those lubricants designed specifically to make sex more fun and tasty: flavoured lubricants, which can be used in oral sex; warm up lubricants, which increase sensitivity and pleasure and even anal lubes to provide more comfort for those into anal play.

When should it be used?

An intimate lubricant is recommended mainly when there is some deficiency in the natural lubrication or when it is non-existent; there are many reasons for deficient lubrication, such as lower level of estrogen, as mentioned above, or even the use of some medicines, among other things.

But personal lubricants can also be used simply to increase pleasure and comfort during sexual intercourse. Some options available in the market have specific flavours and aromas and can make oral sex even better, or make it easier for people who do not like the characteristic smell and taste of the genitals.

Another use for intimate lubricant is during masturbation, which can be done together with a partner or alone. It facilitates the act and increases the pleasure.

And it should always be used during anal sex - since the region does not have natural lubrication to make the act more pleasurable.

What are the risks of having sex with poor lubrication?

Without proper lubrication, the penis needs to force the entrance instead of smoothly sliding in, which can cause pain, fissures, cuts and even lead to the absence of pleasure.

What types of intimate lubricants are there? 

There are currently three main types of intimate lubricants, according to the type of substance used:

1. Water-based lubricants:

These are the most common and easy to find. They do not cause allergy (they are hypoallergenic), they don’t react to the latex of the condom, they don’t stain clothes and are easily cleaned, making this option more practical. But they are not as dense and their effect lasts less when compared to other types. There are neutral lubricants, flavoured lubricants, warm up lubricants and refreshing lubricants. There is also a specific type of lubricant that closely resembles the natural lubrication of the vagina.

2. Silicone lubricants:

They also don’t react with the latex from the condom but are more difficult to clean when compared to water based lubricants, though they have a longer lasting effect. Another advantage is that some are waterproof, that is, perfect for wet places such as swimming pools, tubs and showers. One thing to keep in mind is that they can shorten the life of sex toys.

3. Oil-based lubricants:

They are thicker than the other types and also have greater durability. Some may be scented, which may be aphrodisiac, and in addition to lubricating, enhance the sexual intercourse by giving a special smell to the region where it’s applied. They are great to use during foreplay!

Tips for choosing the right lubricant for you

Now that you know the types of intimate lubricants on the market, we’ve collected some hot tips so you can choose which is best for you:

If in doubt, choose a water-based lubricant, it is the most common and it offers virtually no risk of allergies. Enjoy lubricants that heat up or refresh the skin, thus providing even more pleasure.

You should tell your doctor if you experience lubricating difficulties or absence of vaginal lubrication; they may even be able to recommend the best intimate lubricant for your specific case. Although some women experience a lack of lubrication during menopause, women can choose the lubricant of their own choice or even test them one by one until they discover their ideal lubricant, but medical follow-up is always recommended. 

If you prefer a lubricant that lasts longer during sexual intercourse, you can opt for those that are made of silicone; most are safe for use with condom. It’s very rare for someone to develop an allergy to silicone, but it can happen to some people, so it is best to apply a small amount to a patch of skin and observe if there is any reaction. They can be more comfortable for people with sensitive skin.

Try edible lubricants during oral sex, you will both experience new feelings and allow yourselves new forms of pleasure. They may even bring a special touch to your relationship with an irresistible smell, like strawberry for example.

Never use products that are not specific to the genital area, like other body creams. The genital region is very sensitive and using products that aren’t specific for this area may cause serious problems.

Using homemade lubricants is not recommended as they may offer health risks.


Sexpert tip:

Intimate Earth, a leading brand of intimate products, has a range of arousal serums, glides and massage oils crafted with organic extracts carefully harvested to optimize pleasure and safety. All products are 100% paraben, glycerin and DEA (diethanolamine) free.

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Go far beyond with Lubes & Lotions 

Although most people only relate personal lubricants to penetration, they can and should be used to take the couple far beyond. They can be used in foreplay for a more comfortable and exciting experience, and also during oral sex to make it even more pleasurable, tasty and fun.

We’ve also mentioned its essential role in anal sex, since the anal region does not produce natural lubrication. But you can use an intimate lubricant at all times during sex, from the foreplay, which will help you relax and enhance your arousal and pleasure.

Intimate lubricants are also excellent to use with sex toys, as they enable you to play enough before actually starting the sexual intercourse itself.


Talk to your partner, bring up the subject of using a personal lubricant and experience all the new sensations they can provide to your bedroom play. Now that you learnt the ins and outs of personal lubricants, visit our store to shop for lubes and lotions and get ready for pleasure!

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