Tenga Egg - Get to know This Unique Male Masturbator

Tenga Egg - Get to know This Unique Male Masturbator

You've probably seen a wide variety of sex toys out there, have you not? While millions of people own an adult toy, some tend to think of them as products that emphasize women’s pleasure and in fact, the use of sex toys by them is far more socially acceptable than for men. However, several studies have shown that close to 100 per cent of men masturbate, which is quite understandable, and there is also a vast variety of sex toys for men that you may not be aware of. But among all male masturbators, the Tenga Egg is worth taking a closer look if you are thinking of something to make masturbation more exciting.

In today’s post, we will tell you everything you need to know to understand what makes the Tenga Egg the most popular male masturbator in the market before making your purchase.


What is Tenga Egg?

Tenga is a Japanese sex toys brand that is famous for making this pocket-size masturbator with a unique cute, compact, egg-shaped design that looks nothing like a masturbator.  

It is the cheapest and most popular item of all Tenga’s range. It is so small and unassuming that at first glance you wouldn’t guess it is a sex toy, which is great if you are trying to take your masturbation to a whole new level but don’t want the world to know about it. The “eggshell” of its exterior makes storage and transportation easy, and it can easily fit in a hand.

The eggs come in a variety of sexy styles and can be purchased singly or in a pack of six and the external designs of each EGG reflect the internal details within them. What sets each model apart is the internal texture. Each model has a unique texture and the sensations can vary from one model to another.


What is it made from?

If you like technical information, the sleeve is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), but what is important is how this material feels on your skin. They look and feel like silicone, are very stretchy and glides over the skin very smoothly. The material is more resistant than it looks and stretches to the point where it is almost transparent. Its capacity to stretch that much makes the Tenga Egg one of the few sex toys that accommodate all men, regardless of penis sizes.

With each egg comes with a small packet of lubricant called Egg Lotion tucked in the centre made of Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylparaben.

Tenga Eggs and Stretch


How to use Tenga Egg?

It can be used either in a solo play or with a partner. First, you need to unwrap the egg from its plastic packaging and pop open the egg just like you did with one of those fake Easter eggs you used to find in the backyard. Simply squeeze some of the lube into the egg and squish it a little to ensure the interior is well coated. Apply some of the lube on the tip of your penis too and then slide it over like a huge condom, back and forth as you would normally masturbate.

Tenga does not recommend using the eggs internally, so don’t get any idea if you are using it with a partner and get caught up in the heat of the moment. Just lay back and enjoy all the pleasure that Tenga Egg can give to you.

Like most Tenga products, the eggs are disposable but can be reused if you obey certain rules, such as using a condom and not ejaculating inside them.

Any doubts on how to use it? Check out the original video from Tenga with the step by step for using Tenga Egg:




Can you reuse a Tenga Egg?

The Tenga Egg is designed solely for one-time, disposable use. They should be discarded after use and for achieving the best possible Tenga experience, we suggest using without a condom for direct stimulation. However, if you decide to use your Egg a second time, certain hygiene rules must be followed, such as using a condom, not ejaculating inside and cleaning thoroughly after use. Another suggestion is for you to always use a neutral lubricant.



What makes it such a unique sex toy for men?

  • Variety: there are over a dozen different textures to try
  • Inexpensive: it is one of the cheapest sex toys you will find out there
  • Versatile: the material stretches to suit all penis sizes
  • Discreet: the cute design and its size of an actual egg does not look like a sex toy or what so ever
  • All in one: everything you need is contained inside the package


Meet the eggs


Regular Strenght Eggs

Wavy: Multiple layers of large, flexible, wavy ribs deliver wave after wave of ecstasy-inducing sensations!

Clicker: An omni-directional stimulation from dynamic nubs! Stroke, squeeze, and twist for delight!

Spider: The interior web’s grid-like details provide extra adherence and a vivid, 360°sensation!

Twister: A whirlwind of pleasure squeezes you all over for a rippling corkscrew effect that will drive you wild!

Stepper: Bi-directional wedges stroke you in tandem on both upward and downward strokes!

Silky: Delicately intertwined ribs glide over you, with a caress comparable to the finest of silken cloths.

Tenga Eggs Regular Strength



Hard Boiled Strong Sensations

Thunder: The big, strong vertical ribs that run up and down its interior provide thunderous sensations! 

Crater: Large, cratered nubs stimulate from all angles for a tremulous, exhilarating experience!

Misty: The microscopic nubs that adorn its walls create a veil of sensations, for a gradual build-up and steamy finish!

Cloudy: Lose yourself in this cloud of rebounding sensations – the thickest of Tenga eggs yet!

Shiny: Radiating ribs and a big central nub will put a gleaming smile on anyone’s face! 

Surfer: Dip and dive around these accentuated nubs and surprise drops for a thrilling ride!

Tenga Eggs Hard Boiled Strong


How to use the Tenga Egg to surprise your partner

Spicing up the relationship is always a challenge. So here we have listed five ideas to surprise your partner and shake things up using the Tenga Egg: 

1. Special Surprise

When you have your love in bed, say that you have a special surprise and fold his eyes. Kiss his mouth and continue with kisses all over his body, including his groin, perineum, and penis. Apply a little of the lubricant on the penis with gentle movements, and place the rest of the lube inside the Egg. Then start stroking his shaft with the Tenga Egg and do not let him take the blindfold! Your lover will beg to penetrate you!

2. Pleasure for both

Ever thought of using the eggs on you too? For those who thought that the Tenga Egg is meant to give intense pleasure only to men, it turns into a female masturbator when turned inside out, and can even be put on a vibrator to add different texture for a clitoral massage or G-Spot stimulation. The suggestion here is to use the Tenga Egg to masturbate along with your partner! Each can be responsible for their own pleasure or maybe to “give a hand” to the other.

3. Travel buddy

Is your partner going away? How about giving him a Tenga Egg for his solo play and ask him to tell you what the experience was like? Depending on the intimacy of the couple, you can propose a bit of Sexting and he can send a photo or video to tease you.

4. For the warm days

The Tenga Egg Wavy Cool Edition comes with a special menthol lubricant that delivers a refreshing, cooling feel, perfect for those summer days!

5. Naughty Easter

Tired of buying chocolate eggs to give to your lover at Easter? You can innovate and wrap the Tenga Egg in laminated paper or cellophane with a pretty ribbon satin bow to decorate. Surely your Easter is going to be very spicy!

Where to buy Tenga Egg

Being such a popular and inexpensive sex toy, you will find your favourite egg in any sex shop.

In our store, you find the hole Tenga range to buy online in privacy, from the comfort of your home, for the best price. All our products are delivered in discreet plain brown packaging so you can shop online for sex toys and accessories with no hassle - no weird looks from the postman.

You can order your Tenga Egg today right here or visit our Tenga collection to see more.



After reading this post you may agree that the Tenga Egg is an excellent product for those looking for a quality masturbator at a lower cost. Because it is made of silicone and is very elastic, it is suitable for all sizes of penises. The texture of the Egg envelops you in pleasure by simply focusing on what you are doing ... Now head to our store and check out our Tenga collection to choose your egg. Intense orgasms are almost guaranteed!

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