Kegel Exercises: What They Are and 8 Reasons (Besides Pleasure) to Do Them

Kegel Exercises: What They Are and 8 Reasons (Besides Pleasure) to Do Them

Some people love to exercise and some hate it, but there is one kind of gymnastics that every woman should try at least once in their lives: Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic floor muscle training. If you’ve never heard about them, don’t be scared by the name. Kegel exercises are a set of exercises aimed at strengthening female genital muscles, as explained by Leigh Anderson, a physical therapist who specializes in urogynecology. “It’s pussy bodybuilding,” jokes Leigh, who is also a Kegel exercise teacher.

In case you already know what it is, but have never been enthusiastic enough to try it – sometimes your sex life is a bit slow and you don’t see a reason in giving that part of your body too much attention -, know that there are many reasons beyond pleasure to practice Kegel exercises. “It’s an important technique not only for the sexual satisfaction but also because it has a therapeutic connotation, which is directly connected to women’s health,” states the therapist.


Understand the practice of Kegel exercises – it’s quick and easy

One of the biggest advantages about Kegel exercises is that, once you learn the movements of the technique, in online or live courses, you can practice them at home and for however long you want or can. You’re the one that establishes how much of your dedication you’ll put into it.

Initially, you must learn to contract and relax the three vaginal regions, which contain 13 muscles. To master the first area, which is the outermost part, Leigh explains: “You’re going to need a mirror. While sitting down, you’ll tighten and release just the entrance of your vagina”.

When you’ve mastered this motion, you’ll go on to the intermediate one. Here, the easiest exercise is done using a chair. “Sit down with your legs apart and bend forward to touch your hands to the floor. Your clitoris should touch the chair so you can tighten and release this second vaginal ring,” she details.

Then comes the innermost part of the vagina. This time, the therapist cautions that you should lie down and inhale deeply while contracting the vaginal muscles. When you exhale, relax them. “When doing this, try to focus on your perineum, the region between the vulva and the anus”.

The movements initially work on the pelvic floor’s strength. Leigh recommends using accessories during this stage. The ben-wa balls connected by a silicon cord – is the main one. “With the help of a water based lubricant, you insert one of the balls inside your vagina and start the movements to suck the cord and the other ball in. When you manage to do that, go on to doing expelling exercises,” she teaches.

Other very useful accessories are kegel balls (a toy similar to ben-wa balls but with several balls attached to a string which should also be sucked in and expelled using the vagina’s muscle strength and help vaginal perception, because they are not weighted), vaginal cones (which make it easier to only contract the pelvic muscles during these exercises, preventing the force from being divided with abdominal muscles) and a bullet vibrator (a thin and small vibrator, “because it’s good to be prepared for all kinds of penises and accessories during sex; somebody who can control a small and thin vibrator can control a natural or latex penis of any size and girth,” says Leigh).

All of these accessories are easily found in our store.


Kegel exercise expert in six months

You need up to three months to work on all of that, in terms of your physical strength. When it comes to sex, though, you’ll feel the results much sooner. “Some students tell me that a week after starting the exercises, they already experience much more powerful and controlled orgasms,” says Leigh.

In the three following months, comes the training to enable you to master the movements on your partner’s penis. With your vagina, you can simulate oral sex movements, suck and expel the penis or the accessory completely during penetration and even do movements that simulate… KISSES. “It’s like sex MBA,” compares Leigh. “The woman rises to another level of sexuality.”


Sexpert tip

Once you have mastered the technic, make Kegel exercises part of your daily routine. You can do Kegel exercises discreetly just about anytime, whether you're sitting at your desk or relaxing on the couch by contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles.


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Benefits of Kegels besides sex

Kegel exercises bring many benefits to your health; they are a bonus that comes from the awareness and mastering of your vaginal muscles movements. Here Leigh tells us the most important benefits.

1. Reducing menstrual cramps

    Menstrual cramps are nothing more than your uterus contracting to expel the blood clots that cover the walls of the uterus,” explains Leigh, who adds that Kegels increase the blood flow on the area and prevent blood clots from forming, thus reducing the cramps.

    2. Relief from PMS symptoms

      The intense movement of vaginal muscles interferes in hormonal production, which makes PMS symptoms milder.

      Improving intestinal functioning

      Controlling vaginal contractions and relaxation has a positive impact on peristaltic movements, which are responsible for moving food through the digestive system. Your bowels will then work better on absorbing nutrients and eliminating what is unnecessary.

      Improving the appearance of skin, nails and hair

        As your intestines work better, toxins are naturally eliminated from your body and therefore, they don’t settle on your skin, hair and nails. Besides becoming healthier, they also become prettier.

        It helps during labor

        The movements to expel the baby in normal labor become even easier when the woman has mastered her pelvic muscles movements. Recovery from the delivery is also faster and easier after the birth.

        Relief from menopause symptoms

          By increasing women’s natural lubrication, Kegels can prevent vaginal dryness and loss of libido for women going through menopause.

          Controlling vaginismus

            Vaginismus is a condition where women experience involuntary contractions during penetration, which makes sex painful and sometimes impossible. With Kegel exercises, women can control these spasms and have sex without feeling pain.

            Raising your self-esteem

              Kegel exercises allow you to be completely in control of what your body will feel during intercourse. A woman that knows and controls her own body is much more confident and sure of herself.


              As you have learned in this post every woman should incorporate Kegel exercises into her life. They have numerous health benefits, and you can really do them anytime, anywhere, once you have mastered the basics. No one will never know! Check out our online store and pick one to start practising your pelvic floor muscles workout today.

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