4 Creative Ways to Improve Oral Sex

4 Creative Ways to Improve Oral Sex

To reach the sexual apex it is very important that the foreplay (before sexual penetration) is done mindfully and very affectionately. To help this moment, oral sex is a great option, as well as being a fetish for many people. 

With good oral sex, besides heating the preliminaries you can provoke and leave your love partner much more aroused. To help increase this provocation, we have created some product tips and recommendations that can help, increase, give a taste and create a much more pleasurable time for both.

Check out our 4 tips to improve oral sex and take your foreplay game to the next level!

Play with flavors! 

With several options of gels for oral sex, such as Sensuva LIC-O-LICIOUS Oral Delight for oral sex that comes in 6 delicious flavours – Cotton Candy, Cinnabun, Watermelon, Blueberry Muffin, Salted Caramel and Mocha Cappuccino. Whatever is your preference, you can put a taste in the act and still provoke new sensations.

In the Sensuva range there many products to help you improve oral sex, from a throat relaxer for a more intense oral sex session to a lips warming gel that feels hot when you blow on it. They are all edible and will be a fun way to bring new elements into oral play.

Another simple idea is using ice to cause a thermal shock in the area and increase pleasure.

Sensuva Lic-Olicious

Let the other look!

Not only men are touched by sight, women often enjoy looking at their partner while performing in bed.

To make the environment more romantic, a good tip is to use an incredible massage candle that melts and turns into a massage liquid. In addition to leaving the environment in half light, the candle is still a great moisturizer to be poured on the skin, not burning as they melt on low temperatures and some of them are even edible, made of 100% natural ingredients.  They fill the room with a delicious scent and melt into an irresistible massage oil. So you have an artifice to move from oral sex to a more provocative play. 

Or leave the person blindfolded!

If you've never used blindfolds for bedroom play, you do not know what you're missing out. It will certainly spice your sex life and is one of the great accessories for oral sex in particular.

When you seal your eyes during sex, this tends to increase your sexual arousal and tension because one of your senses is inactivated, and others get sharper to compensate. This will give you and your partner an incredible new sexual experience.

Blind Passion Mask by Bijoux Indescrets

Take control with handcuffs!

Another nice play is to cuff your love, giving a touch of control leaving the game more provocative. Thus you increase the sensitivity and perception of each gesture of oral sex.

One is naked and handcuffed. The other with total control. The sexual vibe goes off the roof. No, this is not (only) a movie scene: cuffing your partner goes a long way in bringing excitement if the other consents.

Sexy Women in Cuffs

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