How to Give Your Woman Intense Orgasms

How to Give Your Woman Intense Orgasms

The female orgasm may seem like the biggest taboo to some men, perhaps because there is no physical clue that they actually got there, as there is in the male body (ejaculation), or because there are different ways for women to orgasm.

But it exists, of course, and according to women's own reports, orgasms can be very intense or even multiple. Yes! The good news is that today you will see tips to provoke the climax more and more intensely in them.


Know the woman's body (for real)


Woman naked body


Getting to know her body is perhaps the most important tip, the safest way to trigger ever-increasing orgasms in her. 

And when we speak of knowing, we are referring not only to the physical body, but also to how orgasms work in the female body.

Intimacy, conversation, knowing the body and especially the what she likes help a lot in giving pleasure to her. 

Women need to be excited, confident and relaxed to get there. The touch, the affection, the hug open the connection between the two of you and this connection facilitates a lot of relaxation and, consequently, that the female orgasm is easier and more intense. 


Mind your foreplay


Couple in Forplay


Our body has many more erogenous zones than the genital parts. The female body is full of them, and stimulating them is a great way to build the path to more intense orgasms. 

Want some examples? The corner of the mouth, the neck, the center of the nape, the inner part of the arms, the ribs (mainly the lateral ones), the groin, the inner part of the thighs, the upper part of the breasts, the lumbar, among many others. Some women can reach orgasm only if they are stimulated in areas like these, believe me.

Take your time, explore and stimulate these parts with your hands, massages, the touch of your fingertips and tongue. 

Studies show that the foreplay should last about 15 to 20 minutes for the woman to have the ideal arousal for a comfortable penetration and of course so that she can reach orgasm as intensely as possible.


Clitoral stimulation is your best bet

Ah! The clitoris! This female organ that is half hidden, but has more than 18 parts, highly vascularized and a single function: to give pleasure to women. It is a powerful trigger for pleasure. 

So if the idea is to cause intense orgasms in her, stimulating the clitoris is certainly one of those ways.

But let's take it easy.

Although on the outside it looks small (about 2 cm), inside the body the clitoris is much larger, has thousands of nerve endings (more than any other part of the human body) and is connected in the pelvic region - in other words, it is extremely sensitive, much more sensitive than the most sensitive part of the penis.

That being said, he needs to be carefully touched and stimulated. Of course, every woman, every organism, will feel the stimulation in a way, but the absolute majority of women feel a certain "agony" if they touch the clitoris directly or without lubrication, precisely because of such sensitivity. So, mind your foreplay before you get there, you can use the feminine lubrication itself caused by the excitation or a lubricating gel.

Start with sensitive and light movements, always remember that the clitoris is very sensitive. Observe her reactions and adjust to what she likes and asks for.

To further boost the excitement of the clitoris, there are several sex toys that help and enhance pleasure.


Oral sex we all want


Couple to perform oral sex


Your tongue is a very powerful weapon to provide orgasms in women. It is soft, wet and, if used correctly, causes unimaginable sensations.

Although the clitoris is our protagonist in giving oral sex to your partner, it is important to play and stimulate the whole area. The tongue can (and should) play in the groin, in the inner region of the thighs, pass through the vagina and, of course, the clitoris. Start with the flat part of the tongue and only after the woman is well aroused use the tip of your tongue, which is the most rigid part, but also the one you have the most control.

Using gels that warm or refresh contribute to increase arousal during oral sex. Stimulating the vaginal entrance or G-spot during oral sex will also boost the excitement and pleasure. The stimulus can be with the fingers, a vibrator or Kegel balls, causing enormous excitement.


Use your fingers well

As we mentioned earlier, the clitoris is much more than the little pointed out, but internally it also has its work, making many regions of the woman body sensitive to pleasure.

One such area is the famous G spot. It exists and it is not difficult to find it. The problem (or the solution) is that it only appears when the woman is aroused because of the swelling of her genital tissues.

In fact, the G-spot is nothing more than one of the inner parts of the clitoris, the root of it, and can be reached from the inside - up the front (anterior) vaginal wall, about 5 cm inward, varying from woman to woman.

When you touch it, the woman feels a totally different excitement and she can experience very intense orgasms. To stimulate it, you can use hooked fingers or a G-spot vibrator which is curved and design to reach it more precisely. Simply put your fingers through the vaginal entrance slowly groping until you feel you are touching what feels like half an olive, caress and watch her reactions. But remember, the G-spot only shows up when your partner is aroused.

Be careful not to confuse the G-spot with the protrusion at the entrance of the vagina: it gets deeper towards the vaginal wall, so if the woman is lying on her stomach, you put your finger on it, and as soon as you find it, flex your finger a little, that's the G. 

You can stimulate it in several ways: by making delicate circular motions, back and forth movements, as if it was the movement of penetration, or flexing your finger on a constant and consistent pattern. 


Now find out in practice all these wonders and give your partner the intense orgasm she deserves. Together you can work at having great sex and keep in mind practice makes perfect!

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