5 Best Sex Toys for Couples to warm their moments in good company

5 Best Sex Toys for Couples to warm their moments in good company

Sex toys can add an element of friskiness for couples to use in the intimate moment, as well as getting out of the rut. They offer new possibilities for fun and still increase pleasure. However, for newbies seeking to explore the vast range of sex toys for couple available out there can be a daunting experience.

There is still a general doubt as to "where to begin to venture into the world of sex toys", therefore our sexperts listed the five best sex toys for couples to stimulate fantasies and warm their moments in good company. Check out!


1. Dame Eva – The first truly wearable sex toy for couple



Eva is a couple’s vibrator like no other. This cute vibe features two flexible wings designed to tuck under the labia providing clitoral stimulation that many women want during sexual intercourse and staying out of the way in the moment.

The motor surrounded by silicone gives you more vibrational energy and the easy to press button is easily accessed without any risk of being accidentally hit by him. Its unique design makes Eva the first truly wearable sex toy for couples out there. No hands, no hassle, just clitoral stimulation while leaving your hands free to move and concentrate on intimacy.

2. We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe created the world’s first and best–selling couples vibrator and Sync is the most powerful and the best they have ever made. Sync is customizable to fit your body and designed to maximize your pleasure. It comes with 2 adjustable points that target the G-Spot as well as the clitoris and he feels the vibrations too. Since no two bodies are alike and every couple is unique, We-Vibe made sync adjustable. To customize the fit is easy, you simply bend the vibe to adjust the clitoral and the G-spot stimulator. Finding the fit that is right for you keeps Sync contentedly in place even when changing position during sexual intercourse.

It also comes with a remote control to easily chance the intensity and the vibration mode as well. What is more, there are more ways to play when you connect Sync to your smartphone and the free We-Connect app allowing you to give control of your Sync to your partner from anywhere in the world, no matter where they are, and share the vibe no matter the distance.

Learn how to use We-Vibe Sync to connect to your partner and share the vibe.

3. Rianne-S Duo

Rianne-S Duo Vibrator

Rianne-S Duo his latest innovation in the field of couple vibrators. It is designed for creative couples play. With strong vibrations, its elegant design and luxurious materials, the Duo will be the must-have for every toy lover and lovers alike.

There is more than one way to use Rianne-S Duo. The long shaft is a vibrator for her while the circle end is a masturbator for him. Even better, what makes this toy so innovative is that you can use it together with your partner. The circle part around his penis and long vibrator inside her so both can feel the vibes enhancing pleasure during sex.

4. We-Vibe Ditto

We-Vibe Ditto Anal Plug

Anal plugs are great for giving anal pleasure while the action happens in the front.

Discover the fun of anal play with We-Vibe Ditto. This is a vibrating plug that can be used during sex or foreplay, providing you a remarkable anal sensation while the action happens in the front.

We-Vibe Ditto comes with powerful, deep rumbly vibration and is waterproof. Its curved based is designed to lie against the perineum giving you extra stimulation. You can remotely control the Ditto using the remote control that it comes with or with the We-Connect App, just like all We-Vibe toys do.

5. Svakom Tyler


Svakom Tyler Vibrating Cock Ring

Have you ever tried a cock ring with your partner? Stimulating and very pleasing, cock rings are already part of many couple's sex toys collection and are now evolving even more, increasing the excitement between the couple with many of them offering vibration mode and other features that help you spice up your bedroom play.

The Svakom Tyler is vibratin cock ring is perfect for prolonging male arousal while stimulating the clitoris with 5 different speeds. It has two main components to it, a silicone cock ring and a bulbous clitoral vibrator which seamlessly protrudes out of the top end of the toy. The clitoral section is where Svakom has worked on to make this a unique vibrating cock ring designed to please not only him, as it has been adorned with spirals of tiny nodules designed to provide some incredibly intense texture on her clitoris.

It is also waterproof, which allows for easy cleaning, and also means you can take it to the bathtub or pool. Worth a try!

Make the best out of your moments in good company by using any of the 5 couples vibrators listed above to bring pleasure to you and your partner and let us know on the comments below how the use of sex toys has improved your sex life.

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