How to Use We-Vibe With the App to Connect to Your Partner

How to Use We-Vibe With the App to Connect to Your Partner

Those who have been in a long-distance relationship know how far technology has come helping couples to maintain intimacy and connect while being apart. Online chat apps, social media and the likes of FaceTime, you name it. But when it comes to truly sexual experience, incorporating a couple’s sex toy to your long-distance play is your best bet if you don’t want to let the distance get in the way of your sex life with your partner. And for that, We-Vibe, a world-leading brand designing and manufacturing couple’s vibrators, offers the We-Connect App. 

On this post, we will show you all the ins and outs on how to use We-Vibe toys to its full potential when connecting to your partner using the We-Vibe App.


Get to know the We-Vibe App

Before we get to the technical aspect of how to use We-Vibe with the App, it is important to understand what it actually does.

In a nutshell, with the App you can connect and control We-Vibe sex toys by changing modes, intensity, turning on and off and so forth. However, what makes We-Vibe the leading brand in the market for couples vibrators is that the App allows you to pair your partner’s phone giving them total control of your toy.

No matter where your partner is, and by that we mean anywhere in the world - connect across the room or from a different continent, with We-Connect you can play with your lover and make it just as intimate as when you are in the same room.

Hot to use We-Vibe with App


More features you can enjoy with the App 

  • Create custom playlists: Choose the modes, intensity, and duration then save the playlist for later.
  • Video/text chat: Chat with your lover via in-app text or video chat to make the experience more personal.
  • Change modes and intensity: Swipe to change modes and intensity so you can feel exactly what you want.



We-Vibe products you can use with the App:


Golden Moments Collection by We-Vibe & Womanizer


Exclusive Features for We-Vibe Sync

Sync offers two exclusive modes to create an even more intimate experience with your lover. When you pair to your Sync, the Beat and Touch mode icons will be highlighted pink, which means you are ready to go.

Beat mode — vibe to the rhythm of your favourite music
Use a personal playlist straight from your phone to set the mood you want, or choose to take in your surroundings by using the ambient option that picks up the sounds around you.

We-Vibe Sync Beat Mode

Touch mode — real-time, custom control
This mode makes you feel closer than ever. Every action performed on screen translates instantly in the vibration.

We-Vibe Sync Touch Mode

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Step by Step on how to connect with your partner

1. First, you and your partner each need to download and install the app and make sure you both have a good internet connection;

2. Whoever has the toy will pair to their phone by Bluetooth following the steps below: 

  • The first time you launch the app, you will be asked if you want to pair your We-Vibe.
  • Press and hold the control button on your We-Vibe for 5 seconds. When you feel two pulses, your We-Vibe is ready to pair.
  • Tap ‘pair We-Vibe’ button.
  • The app will search for your We-Vibe.
  • You will see a ‘Good to Go’ message when your We-Vibe has successfully paired.
  • You can also pair your We-Vibe from the Menu, tap Pair We-Vibe.

3. The person with the toy will launch the We-Connect App on their phone and select Connect Lover from the menu;

4. From there you can invite your partner to connect by sending a link via SMS or email;

how to use we-vibe connect_partnerhow to use we-vibe connect_partnerhow to use we-vibe connect partner

5. A standardized message will appear in your messaging or email app. You can leave the message as is, or edit it as you wish. Make sure not to edit the link;
6. From that link your partner has the option to install (first-time users) or open the We-Connect app;
7. Once installed and opened they will see a message asking if they want to connect;
8. Once they connect, on the top right corner of your app you will see your partner’s status and it will appear as connected;
9. Once your partner hit “Take Control” and you hit “Ok”, they will control your We-Vibe as if they were in the same room;


Your screen will show a blue dot in the ‘Connect Lover’ icon at the top of the screen during the shared experience.

Now your partner can cycle through patterns, adjust the intensity and create their own custom vibe just for you! Either partner can end the shared session at any time by tapping the end button.


How to use We-Vibe App - Partner Status


Control your We-Vibe

Once you have downloaded the app and paired your We-Vibe with your phone, the Control screen will appear and the interface is very intuitive and straight forward, but here we will list how to use the main features that you and your partner can use when controlling your vibrator with the app: 

To turn your We-Vibe on or off:

  • To turn your We-Vibe on, tap the play button on the bottom bar of the Control screen in the app. An animated waveform will play on the screen indicating the vibration mode your We-Vibe is in.
  • To turn your We-Vibe off, tap the pause button on the bottom bar again. 

To change modes:
There are two ways to change the vibration mode on your We-Vibe:

  • Swipe the animation in the Control screen to move to the next mode.
  • Tap the mode name (above the animation) to access the mode selector.

How to use We-Vibe App - Change Modes

To adjust the intensity: 

  • The intensity of each motor can be adjusted (on a scale from 0 to 10) using touchscreen gestures
  • The external/clitoral and internal/G-spot stimulators can be adjusted together or independently. Drag the waveform up/down to change the intensity of the individual stimulator. Pinch the screen to adjust the intensity of internal and external stimulators together.
  • You can also increase or decrease the intensity of the vibration by tapping the + and - buttons at the bottom of the control screen. 

Hot to use We-Vibe App


Supported Devices 

We-Connect is compatible with iOS (9 or newer) and Android (4.4 or newer) Bluetooth® Smart Ready (Bluetooth 4.0) products and has been tested to be compatible with the following devices:

Apple Devices (iOS 9 or newer): 

  • iPhone (5 or newer)
  • iPad (3rd Generation or newer)
  • iPad Mini (All Generations)
  • iPod Touch (5th generation or newer)

Android Devices (Android 4.4 or newer):

  • Google Pixel
  • HTC Droid
  • HTC One (M7, M8)
  • LG Nexus
  • OnePlus One
  • Samsung Galaxy (S4 or newer)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Sony Xperia Z3

The App may also work with other devices equipped with Bluetooth® 4.0 and running either iOS 9 or Android™ 4.4 or newer. However, these devices have not been tested and compatibility cannot be guaranteed.




If you can’t pair your We-Vibe vibrator to your phone, try the following steps:

  • Ensure your Bluetooth is enabled. If the Bluetooth is switched ON, turn it OFF and then back ON. Check with your device manufacturer if you need instructions on how to do this.
  • Make sure your We-Vibe is charged and turned on.
  • Make sure your We-Vibe and phone are within Bluetooth range (3 m / 10 ft).
  • Check to see that your smartphone is Bluetooth™ 4.0 compatible and is a supported device.
  • Make sure you are using a We-Vibe compatible product as listed above.


When your We-Vibe has been paired but is not responding to your phone:

  • By default, after 30 minutes of inactivity, your We-Vibe will go into sleep mode, to preserve battery life. To wake your We-Vibe up, turn it on with the control button on the top of the We-Vibe massager.
  • If you wish to adjust the sleep time of your We-Vibe, you can change it in under Settings in the menu of the app.
  • If you are still having trouble, make sure your We-Vibe and phone are within Bluetooth range (3m / 10 ft).


If your partner did not get the link via SMS/text or email. 

  • Ensure your WiFi or cellular data is turned on for both your and your partner’s
  • Choose Connect to My Lover from the menu.
  • Ensure you are sending the SMS/text to the correct number or the email to the correct address.
  • If the problem persists, try sending the message by the alternate method or have your partner send you the request.

Note that if you chose the email option and your partner has not received the request to connect be sure to check your junk mail.


When the link your partner received does not work.

  • Tap Settings in the menu. Remove Lover.
  • Send your lover a new request to connect.

Note that if you have previously connected to another partner/device, you must first remove that partner/device before you can add a new partner.


FAQs on how to use We-Vibe App


How do I disconnect my We-Vibe from my phone and pair to my We-Vibe remote?

Whenever you want to switch the control of your We-Vibe back to the remote, go to the menu and into your settings. From there, select “unpair We-Vibe”.

Completely exit the app on your phone.

Press and hold the Control Button on your We-Vibe vibrator for 5 seconds or until it pulses two times.

Your We-Vibe is now ready to pair with the We-Vibe remote

  • With the remote and We-Vibe next to each other, press and hold any button on the remote control for 5 seconds.
  • The light on the remote will blink 3 times and your toy will pulse 3 times when it’s paired


Is the battery level indicator displaying my phone or my toy’s power? 

The battery level indicator in the app lets you know how much charge is left on your toy.


Will the app work without Wi-Fi or cellular service? 

The app requires an active Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection for both the toy user and their remote lover’s smartphone when connected and sharing control.


Is We-Connect secure?

We-Vibe takes much care to protect customers’ privacy and to secure private data. We-Connect data transmissions are encrypted and protected on secure servers. All in-app partner communications (instant messages and photos) are cleared after a partner session and are not stored. We-Connect also has a discretion lock that, when enabled, only allows a person with the correct PIN access to the app.


How do I change my language preference? 

Language options are available on the Settings screen under the Menu and We-Connect is available in: 

  • Chinese/Mandarin
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish


How close does my phone need to be to my We-Vibe sex toy?

Your phone and your toy need to be within Bluetooth range of one another. For best results, we recommend your phone or tablet is within 3 meters (10 feet) of your toy.


Can I pair with more than one person? 

No, you can only pair with one partner at a time. If you wish to disconnect from your partner and connect to a new one, you must first remove your partner in Settings and then initiate a new connection with your new partner.


Can I pair with more than one We-Vibe toy? 

You can only pair with one toy at a time. If you want to connect to a different We-Vibe toy, you must first disconnect from your We-Vibe in the Setting Menu. You will then be able to connect to the new toy.


How do I disconnect from my partner?

Click on the partner icon in the top right corner of the app screen to end current partner session. If at another time both you and your partner are in the app you can click the icon and pair to each other without the need to send out an invitation again.

To remove or delete a partner click “Remove Lover” button under settings. When this is done, a new partner pairing link has to be sent out for the partners to reestablish their connection.


What if I forget my Discretion Lock PIN?

If you have forgotten your Discretion Lock PIN, you must delete and reinstall your app.


I have an iPhone and my partner has an Android - can we still connect?

Yes! Our app supports a cross-platform connection between compatible Android and iOS devices.


How do I reset my We-Vibe to factory settings?

  • From the menu select Settings and tap Reset We-Vibe.
  • Your toy will be reset to factory settings and will need to be paired again to work with the app or the remote.
  • Please note that the We-Vibe must be paired to your device for this option to appear.


Now that you learned how to use We-Vibe with the app to connect to your partner, visit our We-Vibe Collection to pick your couple’s vibrator to help you maintain intimacy in your relationship. If you’ve got any thoughts or questions about the app, please leave them down in the comments below.

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