How to Give the Perfect Erotic Massage in 4 Steps

How to Give the Perfect Erotic Massage in 4 Steps

Erotic massage is also known as sensual massage, or maybe you have heard of it as tantric massage. You name it! The point is that the perfect erotic massage connects partners, makes them grow closer and reconnects couples.

Unlike other more conventional types of massages such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and others (the list can go on), a sensual massage is done as a sexual therapy and involves naked bodies working together to stimulate libido. When it is given passionately and smoothly, a dose of arousal lights up throughout one’s body and makes skin to skin contact even more intense.

The benefits of erotic massages are many and go beyond increasing the power of lubrication for women and enhancing men’s erections, it helps you learn to let go of inhibitions and even prevent anxiety and stress, but that is a topic for another post.

Today we are going to look together at how to give the perfect erotic massage so you can surprise your partner and spice up your foreplay. So, turn off your phone (or put it on mute), leave your worries outside the room and follow these experts’ tips in four steps.


Prepare the room for the erotic massage 

Start by adjusting the lighting. A dimly lit room is always sexier than a totally dark or too brightly lit room. Use a light dimmer or, if you don’t have one, turn off the main lamps and leave only table lamps or lampshades on. A great tip is using sexy aromatic candles

Then, add other subtle touches to the room, like flowers or aromatic petals over the bed, a tray with fruit like strawberries on the bedside table. The great thing about this is that while setting the scene, you’re already activating your energy for the massage you’ve planned.


Pay special attention to hygiene and products 

Taking a shower and using pretty underwear are the basic self-care requirements when giving a massage. If you want to spread the wings of your imagination and use erotic accessories like masks, suit yourself. But don’t start the massage naked! It’s better to take each piece of clothing off one by one and excite your partner slowly, making the process last a long time.

Body oil is essential to ease the movements and make your touch smoother. Opt for a light oil, with a subtle fragrance so as not to take the focus away from the massage. Strong scents are distracting. Here you can find the massage oils from Intimate Earth, all made with organic extracts and natural ingredients. Try the Bloom Aromatherapy Massage Oil with a flowery scent. It smells like freshly cut peonies - natural without a heavy perfume smell.


Time for the erotic massage 

Now it’s time to give the massage itself. Ask your partner to lay face down. Spread the oil in the palms of your hands and do long sweeping vertical movements on their back, then their buttocks and legs. Go over the body parts again, now with circular motions. Breathe deeply and slowly, and whisper that they should breathe in sync with you.

Talking is actually really good. Encourage your partner to tell you how they’re feeling and sensually narrate what you’re doing.

Your touch should vary between subtle fingertips and strong hands. If the person who’s on the receiving end of the massage is a woman, your touch should start light and then increase in intensity. If it’s a man, go the opposite way. Start with strong motions and gradually turn them softer. 

Touch should be explored naturally, without worrying about some imaginary motion guide. Explore the back of their neck, the back of their earlobes, their flanks, from armpits to hips. Just be careful with women’s hair. Don’t use the oil on them. It sounds silly, but it’s not. They put a lot of effort into keeping their hair beautiful, and ruining them with massage oil may turn them off.

Another tip is that after the foreplay begins, the masseuse or masseur should bring their hands to their partner’s lips and nose. Pheromones (natural chemical substances from your body that act in sexual recognition) accumulate in your fingertips.

When the warm up to the massage is complete, take your clothes off and gently rub your body against your partner’s skin. Ask that they take their clothes off too and turn slowly so they’re on their back, making it easier to handle their genitals.

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Time for the genitals

With your hands full of oil, briefly massage their stomach, their nipples and their groin. Your bodies will already be ready for sex, so look each other in the eye so you can understand that better.

Everything should be touched, but you need to be very careful when touching a woman’s inner labia and a man’s glans. These regions are very pleasurable, but some people may feel pain.

Once you’ve turned your full attention to the clitoris and the inside of the vagina, women should be stimulated with soft and energetic motions in turn. The penis, on the other hand, will be better handled if touched slowly and with horizontal and vertical movements in turn.

Getting to the vagina or to the penis marks the end of the massage. So enjoy the last moments of the massage and move on to the sex. 


Intercourse will be much more pleasurable after all this intimate teasing to stimulate all the senses. Now it’s time to surprise your partner with the perfect erotic massage following these four simple steps and after you can let us know in the comments below how this experience was like for you.

Learn more about giving the perfect erotic massage with 7 Tips for Warming Your Partner Up with an Erotic Massage, visit our store to find the accessories you need and let the bedroom fun begin!

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