10 Tips to Make Your Partner More Loose in Bed

10 Tips to Make Your Partner More Loose in Bed

Do you feel that your partner gets restrained in bed and have difficulty reaching orgasm and feeling comfortable in the most intimate moments of arousal? So it may be a good idea to look for ways to make the other relax and with more desire.

Adding some cheeky jokes to the preliminaries and being mindful to gain security and trust in the relationship can help. To be more liberated during sex, the key is to look for ways to increase the intimacy of the couple, as well as the sexual harmony between the two. Want to know how to do this? Follow our ten tips:


How to make your partner feel more comfortable and relaxed in bed


Talk about it

The first step is to openly talk about sex. Ask your playmate what she likes, what her fantasies are, and tell her what yours are. The more you talk about it, the greater the sexual intimacy between you and the greater the chances of success in bed. Consequently, she will feel more relaxed and comfortable with you.


Make the fantasies of each other 

Now that you know what her fantasies are, how about performing them? This is a way to warm up your sexual relationship and make you more interested in experiencing different things.

Sexy Women in Cuffs


Use toys to spice up the relationship

One way to relax the environment and to help it emerge from the sexual side is by using sex toys. For example, handcuffs and blindfolds make foreplay more fun and enjoyable. The mere fact that the person is blindfolded, makes the touch of the body more exciting. Yet a vibrator can bring new sensations, making sex even more pleasurable for her too. Try different accessories until you find the ones that work best for the couple.


Bet on candles to brighten the environment

Too much light in the room makes her feel trapped? So why not create a cozier climate to help her get loose? The tip to make your room lit up in the right way is to light a few candles around the room. The idea is even better when the chosen candle has aphrodisiac scents - which stimulate the couple's sexual desire. 


Test different lubricants 

Some women hold themselves because they do not feel comfortable during sex. In this case, it is important, once again, to talk about the subject and seek solutions so that both enjoy the sexual relationship. The use of lubricants is usually a good way out in such cases. Experiment with different brands, flavors and aromas!


Give creative gifts to her

Have you thought about surprising her with unexpected gifts? A sexy lingerie, an erotic costume or a Kama Sutra book can be inspirational gifts that will bring that sexy element to your relationship. But do not forget to choose something that has to do with her personality and her preferences. 


Give her a special massage

If the idea is to get her to let go, it's important to think of ways to make her more relaxed, right? A good massage is efficient for this. How about doing a sensual massage? Use oils with aphrodisiac scents, light a candle to prepare the environment and run through all the erogenous zones of her body.

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Make a joke to break the ice

Another tip is to take advantage of the foreplay to minimize nervousness and increase intimacy between the couple. Games are a great idea for this. There are many options for sex games that can be found in sex shops: from the lightest to the hottest. A game of Strip Tease or a dice with hot tasks may be just what she needs to feel more comfortable in bed.

Happy Couple in Bed

Do not expect a special occasion to make a romantic gesture

How about a mid-week surprise for her? Invite your sweetheart to a romantic dinner and leave the mood prepared at home. It is also important to praise her often. Remember, the more confident she feels, the more relaxed she will be in bed.


Practice role-play

If she feels shy in bed, it may be a good idea to try role-playing. In this practice, each one assumes a character. She can be a customer of a bar and you the bartender or she can be your boss and you the employee. The whole idea is that the two take on their characters to discover new experiences.


Small changes can make a big difference in the couple's sexual relationship, but above all good communication in general is the first step towards a equally pleasant sex for you and your partner. Try some of these tips and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more.

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