Beginner’s Guide to Butt Plugs and Anal Play

Beginner’s Guide to Butt Plugs and Anal Play

Let's leave the taboos aside and talk honestly: anal sex can be a source of pleasure for men and women. Of course, this erogenous zone of the body has not been forgotten by the adult toy industry. There is a great diversity of toys to stimulate it, the famous anal plugs or, as you may also know as, the butt plugs. They are the essential toy for anyone who wants to start practicing sex on the B side and also a source of pleasure for the more experienced  sex toy enthusiast. Want to test? We teach you!

What is a butt plug?

Butt plug is an erotic accessory for the anus. It can be used to stimulate the region and also as part of a fetish, as some have a tail, a pompom or a jewel on the tip. It is also often used as na introductory accessorie for those in need to get accustomed to anal stimulation.

Is it for everyone?

For her: the anus is a region full of nerve endings, so women can feel tremendous pleasure when stimulated in the region.

For him: the prostate is a great source of male pleasure, and it's just that part of the body that butt plugs stimulate. In addition, using a vibrating or heavy (steel, for example) plug, the accessory will improve stimulus for a stronger erection.

How to choose the best Butt Plug for you?

The variety of types, shapes and sizes is huge. The choice depends on what you want.

Type: Butt plugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but in general they all follow a similar pattern with flared base, a “neck” and a teardrop shape or bulb. If you have a fetish, butt plugs with an ornament such as jewellery or a tail is your answer. If you want just pure pleasure, buy the ones with the most variations in shape and textures.

Material: Medical grade steel plugs may be used for temperature play by cooling down or heating up to cause different sensations. The silicone ones are softer, but not so much as those of cyberskin, material that simulates human skin. Take care with glass: if the quality is low, they can break inside.

Size: Butt plugs vary hugely in sizes and you can take advantage of that. Every body is different so you can use the size that fits your own experience level and needs. To start, choose a small one that usually has the widest point that is no more than 1’’ in diameter and insertable portion of 2’’ to 3.5’’ in length, as you progress and get used to it you can increase to a medium and large butt plug.


Sexpert tip

By popular demand, Fun Factory, one of the leading sex toys brands in the world, put together this awesome Fun Factory Bootie Set with all three sizes of their bestselling plug in one ultimate Bootie collection! It’s a great value whether you want to train your butt for bigger and bigger toys (or the joys of anal intercourse!) or you simply crave variety.



With or without vibrator – another feature to consider when buying a butt plug is vibration. It can take anal pleasure to the next level with a motor at the tip of the plug that can transfer vibration to the prostate in men, or the perineal sponge and the anterior fornix erogenous zone (also known as the a-spot) in women. Some vibrating plugs such as the We-Vibe Ditto even have a remote control to add a little fun either you are playing alone or with you partner.



How to put? 

The rectum is much more sensitive than a vaginal canal and can easily tear or become irritated! That being said it is imperative to take your time going slow and steady. Anal play is not a race, so give your body time to relax. Lubricate (even!) your anus and the toy with a heavy water based or silicone lubricant and slowly insert the plug, without forcing. Your muscles will contract in the beginning and that’s why it is so important not to rush until your body relaxes.  

Some discomfort is normal at first, but if you feel any pain at this point stop immediately!


Sexpert tip

Do not use anaesthetics! If you take off the sensitivity of your anus, you can get hurt - pain is a sign of your body that you have to respect!



With a partner or solo play?

Butt plugs can be used as a complement to sex while stimulating the vagina or penis with penetration, hands or mouth. But it can also be used alone. In fact, it's worth testing solo first to know your own limits and make it more pleasurable when playing with your partner.

What precautions to take?

Every plug needs to have a base that prevents it from completely entering the anus and getting lost in the gut. Also, as mentioned before, do not push your limits too hard at first. Giving time to your body to relax will only bring more pleasure during anal play.  Not using creams that take away the sensitivity of the anus or any improvised lubricants also guarantee safety and peace of mind.

How to clean?

Thoroughly rinse the anal plug with running water and intimate soap before and after use. Let it dry well, and for those who are cyberskin, pass a little talc before storing. Cleaning with a cloth and alcohol is not recommended: besides not eliminating all the bacteria, it can damage the material.


Now with this handy guide, feel free to plug into the wonderful world of anal play! Plugs are a versatile item to incorporate into your sex toy collection, whether as a warm-up to anal sex or a sensuous tool for expanding your rectum.

Let the bedroom fun begin and if you have any questions or comments about anal sex toys we look forward to your comments below.

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