Anal Sex Guide - From Taboo to Pleasure for Beginners

Anal Sex Guide - From Taboo to Pleasure for Beginners

Anal sex is a fetish of many couples, but not all of them practice it. When the subject is anal sex, there are still many myths, taboos, misinformation, and even prejudices.

If everything is allowed in the bedroom, why is anal sex still such a big taboo?

This article has one goal: to bust and bury taboos involving anal sex.

Learn more about this sexual practice and have a good reading!


Laying the groundwork - How to clean yourself out before anal sex

The practice of anal sex requires some hygiene care so that both can feel pleasure and make the most of this intimate moment. The first step you can take to get ready is to be careful with the food you eat, especially before sex.  Eat something light to prevent your belly from getting bloated. Avoid fried food and food that make you gassy, such as cabbage, eggs, and kale - this holds for any kind of sexual relation. A few hours before the sex, try to evacuate to prevent the stool, or pieces of it, from getting in the way.  For this, it’s very important that you do an enema.


Learn how to do an enema

An enema is used to clean the anus for sexual practice. Doing the enema guarantees clean and comfortable anal sex avoiding unpleasant situations. There are a few ways to do it, and we'll tell you the most recommended ones:  

Syringe, cotton and dampened wipes

On the outside area of your anus, use a wet cotton pad or a dampened wipe. For the inside area, use an ear cleaning syringe and lubricate it.  Put water inside it. Insert the syringe into your anus and inject the water slowly. Release the water and repeat the process until the water that comes out is clean.

Intimate Cleanser

There are products designed for cleaning the anus. One such example is the Seven Creations Smart Wash Torque, an affordable entry-level unisex douche.  Easy to use, fill it with water, insert the tapered tip into your anus and tighten the base so that the water is introduced. Release the water and repeat the process until the water that comes out is clean.

Warning!  Regular shower hoses, bottles, and similar objects are not recommended for cleaning the anus. These objects can hurt you.


The best sex position for anal sex

In order for you to have a good time having anal sex, we’ll suggest some easy sex positions that will give you pleasure.  For now, forget the acrobatics and juggling. Let's focus on your pleasure! Check out the best positions for anal sex:



The same position people use to sleep, it’s possible to have anal sex in a spooning position.  You’ll need to be the “little spoon”, with your legs bent and your ass up. Your partner will hold you and get you both in a comfortable position so that you can even kiss each other.


The jockey is also a comfortable position for anal sex.  Without many secrets, in this position, you will be under your partner and can use a sex pillow under your hip to lift it and give firm support making it more comfortable to you and giving a better angle to your partner.  


Another well-known position that also facilitates anal sex is the Deck Chair.  In this position, you can also use a sex pillow or a Liberator Wedge under your hip, in order to lift it.  Your partner will be on his knees, so elevating your hips will help to give a better angle for penetration. 

Doggy style

If you've experienced the above positions, you can risk a bit more and try anal sex in a doggy position.  In this type of position, penetration is deeper. If you are not used to doing anal sex, we recommend that you leave this position for later.


Anal Sex Guide For Couples


Anal sex foreplay

Before the sex, it’s always important to set a nice mood, free from taboos, prejudices, and worries. To set the ideal sexy mood, we’ll share some tips for you to try. Shall we?


Act naturally

Seems silly, but it isn’t. Don’t try to force a situation or look like someone you are not.  Likewise, take a deep breath and face your partner — looking into each other's eyes. Accept your body as it is and let your sensuality come out. 


If you woke up willing to bury the taboo of anal sex, how about doing some teasing throughout the day?  Phone calls, messages, and even pictures can give the spicy tone you want for your later.

Spend some time kissing

Before fully undressing and going all in, take your time with the kissing. Let your lips touch, varying intensities, as well as your tongues. It's worth not being restricted to your partner's mouth, so you can kiss their entire body and focus on other erogenous zones.

Talk about your desires

During foreplay, you can tell your desires and give clues on what you want right now. Be very kinky and say some things you know will make your partner go crazy. Dirty talk is a great way to communicate in bed and always helps to increase the sexy mood and level the expectations between you and your lover.

Use accessories and anal sex toys

The foreplay can advance with the help of some accessories and sex toys for anal play, like edible gels, body massage oil, butt plugs, small vibrators and more. Let creativity be in charge of the moment, along with your desires.


Sex Toys & Accessories for Anal Play



Are you turned on? It’s time to move on to the next step!


Rimming - 4 tips for an unforgettable moment

Rimming is the practice of kissing, caressing and using your tongue on your partner’s ass. Regardless of whether you provide or receive the rim job, enjoy the contact of the mouth with the anus. Like anal sex, the rim job is surrounded by taboos and prejudices. Some people dislike this act, considering it disgusting. The point is, if it's done right and taking the necessary care, it becomes one more stimulus to reach an orgasm.

The main tip is excellent hygiene of the anus. The anus is an area full of bacteria, so it needs a good cleaning for safely practicing a rim job. As with other intimate contacts, a rim job done without proper cleansing can transmit HPV, herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Say “Goodbye” to embarrassment 

Remember that being horny has no direct relation to embarrassment, so if you want it and the moment is right, go ahead!

Regardless of whether you provide or receive a rim job, enjoy the moment and forget the taboos.

Choose a comfortable position

Those who are still not used to it, the most comfortable position to receive a rim job is lying face down. So, you can enjoy the moment with your eyes closed and enjoy all the pleasure that you’re about to receive. On the other hand, the person giving the rim job has the hands free to control the region and can play around with them.

Control your breathing

As the strength of the rim job is concentrated on the tongue of the person giving it, you need to control your breathing so that you don’t lose your breath midway into it. The tip is for you to breathe more slowly, at shorter intervals.

Use your hands as a stimulus

While your tongue is doing the hard work, use your hands to provide more stimulation to your partner receiving the rim job. If you are doing it on him, you can caress his penis or his balls. If you are doing it on her, you can stimulate her clitoris.


How to do anal sex without pain

For most people, anal sex is still viewed with a lot of suspicions, as they end up being afraid it will hurt.

Bad experiences and the fear of hurting cause them to not even consider doing anal sex. Since we busted some taboos so far, it's time for you to know how to do anal sex without pain.


Conquering territory

Arouse in your partner the curiosity and will to experience it. Talk about anal sex before and during sex. A good way to arouse this desire is to prepare your lover's mind (hinting, teasing, presenting it). From there, during sex, anal exploration can begin with the introduction of your finger from behind, when they are about to come, for example.


Unlike the vagina, which has natural lubrication, the anus needs artificial lubrication to facilitate penetration.

Massaging the perineum with some oil will help relax the area. For this, it’s also good to make circular movements around the entrance and stick a finger or a butt plug, those found in sex shops before penetrating with your penis. Smear all over it. Use a water-based lubricant that reduces friction and prevents any rashes in the anus.

Important tip: avoid the hot-type lubricants as they can cause more discomfort than pleasure.

Take your time

Haste makes waste. So don’t rush and negotiate it with your partner. You'll be crazy horny, but anal sex, especially at the beginning, needs a lot of time and patience. The anal muscles need to be relaxed for penetration to happen without problems. Try giving your partner a passionate rim job to get them horny and open up. Over time, during the sex, the muscles relax and you can increase the intensity.

Practice with a butt plug or vibrator

Do you want to have anal sex, but you are afraid? Take it easy! Practice with a small butt plug or a vibrator and gradually relax the muscles of your anus. Don’t forget to lubricate your sex toy. You may want to start with a small butt plug and progress increasing size as you become more experience.

Stimulate yourself

While being penetrated in your anus, stimulate yourself in your other erogenous zones: clitoris, breasts or wherever you prefer. You can also ask your partner to stimulate you.

Go slowly

The experience so far has been full of rules and steps so that the anal sex could, in fact, happen. Now is not the time for your partner to penetrate all the way and go all in to finish it. Talk to your partner and have him penetrate you slowly and carefully, little by little.


Take control of the pace and intensity of penetration at first. Especially if you are not used to it. In case you are sitting on your partner, this will be even easier. That way the chances of hurting yourself decreases considerably. When you are fully comfortable, you can increase the speed without fear. You can get in a doggy position and let your partner control the situation. Now it’s a good time to pull their hair and slap their butt to increase the enjoyment of both.

Have the situation under control

Lastly, you need to have the situation under control. For starters, you won’t do something you don’t want. Secondly, there must be enormous complicity between you and your partner so that you know the right time to stop. Pain, lubricant replacement, and changes in the sex intensity are commands you should give.


Anal Sex Guide For Couples


Busting taboos: unraveling the myths of anal sex

Although more liberal in many regards, our society is still very conservative when it comes to anal sex. Reason for jokes and taboos, anal sex is a practice that many couples don’t have out of pure prejudice. Let’s bust some taboos and unravel the myths and truths of anal sex? So let’s go!


Men that do anal sex is homosexual

Myth. As we have said, anal pleasure is not exclusive to women, nor to homosexuals. Heterosexual men can also practice anal sex, and that doesn’t make them homosexuals - in this case, heterosexuals can practice mainly with their partner, including stimulation with erotic toys. After all, who haven’t heard about “ass fingering", practiced it, or even had the curiosity and desire to try it? On the other hand, as active, heterosexual men also want to practice anal sex with their partners, and this should be considered natural for both of them, because, as we have said, it’s an erogenous zone and, therefore, a highly desired fetish among the lads. There are also women who have the fetish of dominating men and being active in anal sex wearing a strap-on dildo. This is called pegging, an empowering sex act that is often reserved to describe the act between heterosexual couples, so it’s a woman flipping the traditional gender dynamic and “banging” the man.

Anal sex hurts

Myth and truth. True, It hurts if you are a beginner (it’s natural, but there are anesthetic gels that help), it also hurts if the person is not relaxed and if the region is not well lubricated. The idea is to enjoy good foreplay to break the tension in order to relax both partners, as well as to make use of creams and lubricating gels, to avoid pain and injuries. Myth, it doesn’t hurt if the person already has experience both in terms of practice and taking the steps for sex to happen without pain and discomfort, and such steps may include foreplay, lubricants, better positions, setting the mood, visual stimuli, verbal teasing, in short, involving both partners as much as possible. Ideally it shouldn’t hurt, of course, but it’s good to keep in mind that, even if it hurts a little, the arousal, excitement, and pleasure can excel and satisfy - as long as it’s good for both, so it’s good to respect the will of your partner, with consensus above all else.

You need penetration to feel pleasure

Myth. If stimulated, anyone can experience pleasure in different ways: in the external region of the anus (anal margin), the anal canal (inner part), and the rectum. The anal margin region and the beginning of the anal canal are usually more sensitive, whereas in the rectum and prostate there are more nerve receptors. As we have said, men’s "G-spot" is in the prostate region, and pleasure can be provided by both penile massage and other stimuli, as with a finger or accessories with the ideal curvature to reach the prostate.

Pleasure is different for men and women

Truth. Both men and women have the pudendal nerve, responsible for the pleasure in the anal region. But, unlike men (who has the prostate), in women, the pleasure comes from the stimulation of other anal parts already described. That’s why it’s also very important to stimulate the clitoris, vaginal labia, and vaginal G-spot. Of course, there are women who have little or no pleasure in this practice, and they do it for their partners, but there are those who feel a lot of anal pleasure and consider it even more important than vaginal penetration. 

It's not healthy without condoms

Myth and truth. In anal sex, the risks of contamination and transmission of diseases are greater than in oral and vaginal sex. Therefore, the precautions with protection should be the same or greater. Myth, because that alone doesn’t make anal sex harmful to health. Truth, but with caveats, because, for example, if partners are in a stable and reliable relationship, and if they are clean and decide to give up using condoms, it’s up to them alone, always knowing that the health risks are greater, as it’s a region with aggressive bacteria containment for the man’s urethra.

I can use only one condom for sex

Myth. For each penetration, your partner should change the condom. Anus and vagina are two distinct areas, so nothing from one should be taken to the other. By penetrating the anus and vagina with the same condom, you will be exposed to a greater risk of infections on one of the two areas.

Anal sex is more than a fetish

Truth. In addition to the anal pleasure itself, this form of sex can provide physical, emotional and social benefits. For both genders, it improves immunity and also the couple’s intimacy, can improve evacuation frequency, and is a possibility when the woman is menstruating. For men, it may be more pleasurable compared to vaginal sex. For women, it reduces fear and risk of pregnancy.

Anal sex causes problem in the anus

Myth. If done with plenty of lubricant and care, especially taking it easy at the beginning of penetration. A common question is whether the anus returns to normal size, especially if the penis is big. Yes, the anus has elasticity and it’s not anal sex that will be able to change its size, as long as it’s performed as we have said before.

A thick penis will hurt me

Not necessarily. The muscles have the ability to retract and widen, so by lubricating correctly and penetrating with care, you won’t necessarily get hurt during sex.

Anal sex causes hemorrhoids

Your mistake. The dilatation of the anus is beneficial because hemorrhoids arise when there is an increase in the pressure of the veins. By dilating the muscles of your anus, this pressure tends to decrease. The causes of hemorrhoids are excessive strain during the evacuation, constipation, anal infections and long sitting periods. Anal sex doesn’t cause hemorrhoids.


The taboo has been busted, so are you ready to face anal sex more willingly? In this article, you learned that anal sex can be done normally, as long as you and your partner take care.

Have the right accessories and do the proper hygiene of your anus so that you can practice anal sex whenever you desire. Also, eat properly and get away from the taboos that get in the way of your pleasure.

Remember: Striving to give pleasure before anal penetration will make all the difference and make the rest of the process much easier.

This is an experience to be enjoyed from start to finish. Respect the pace, motivation, availability of each other and visit our store to shop for all sex toys and accessories you need for more pleasurable anal sex. From douches, lubes and gels, to butt plugs, prostate massagers and vibrators, all from your favorite luxurious brands to shop for sex toys online.

Anal sex is good and can be even better, just make it happen together!



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