Erogenous Zones - How to Explore During Foreplay

Erogenous Zones - How to Explore During Foreplay

You might have noticed that some parts of your body are more sensitive to the touch than others. These are erogenous zones where a kiss, a bite, a massage, a light touch or even a stronger touch can provide incredible sensations.

Knowing exactly where these points are located in your body and in your partner’s can make all the difference in the bedroom!

Learn more on the subject in this article, discover some stimulating areas for men and women and learn to use this information to spice up foreplay.

What are the erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones are parts of the body, both male and female, that provide pleasurable sensations when stimulated. So they are areas of the body that deserve special attention during foreplay. Knowing which are the most sensitive areas in your partner is essential to ensure a great night of pleasure.

There is a simple explanation for why these points are more sensitive: they are areas with a lot of blood vessels, that is, with a lot of blood running, and with many nerve endings. Although there is some common knowledge about which are the most sensitive areas in men and women, these zones can vary from one person to another. You may have more sensitivity in your ear than in your feet. But other people may be more likely to feel pleasure from belly touches, for example.

There is a very easy method to find out what your erogenous points are: testing, feeling, and touching your own body and your partner’s. It is also important to have open and clear communication between you two. That way you both feel comfortable to guide each other during sex.

Female erogenous zones

Do you know which are the most sensitive points on her body? Some are a little obvious, such as the breasts and groin. But there are other areas that are not always remembered during foreplay. That is, there are parts of the female body that are not explored as they should during sex. Figuring out these little stimulated erogenous zones can make a huge difference in the pleasure you give to her! Get to know seven sensitive areas in women below and learn how to stimulate them:


You probably already know that this is a very sensitive area of the female body. That means two things: that you have to be careful when you touch it and that it can provide a lot of pleasure. That is, it’s an area of their body that can be compared to the penis. Bites and scratches should be avoided because they can leave the area bruised. Kisses and licks, on the other hand, are very welcome in this part of the female body. Use your creativity to keep her breasts stimulated. Caress the area using an oil or gel for example. As this is a very sensitive female part, the excitement is much greater for her. Make big circles all over the breast and small circles on her nipples while kissing her. She will also love it if you suck her nipples while using your hands to play with her clitoris.

Inner Thigh

An area full of nerve endings, but not always explored as it should. Massage in a single direction, from the bottom up, that is, from the knee to the groin, but without touching the vagina. Do it about 5 times on each leg, with slow and smooth movements. Then ask her to lie on her stomach and explore her butt, also massaging from the knee up and then exploring this region with circular movements. Repeat around 5 times on each leg and ask her to turn belly up again and repeat the massage on the inner thigh.


Even though the butt is a part of the female body greatly admired by men, it usually doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Lay her on her back and take some time to stimulate the area. Start by doing a good massage on her glutes. Take advantage that the butt curves are especially sensitive and give gentle bites in this area.

Lower Abdomen

This is an area that, when stimulated, helps increase their arousal during foreplay. This area is located between the belly button and the groin. Which means it’s an excellent erogenous zone to be explored before oral sex because it helps creating a sense of anticipation and anxiety. Again, licking and kissing are great ways to keep the area stimulated. Use this moment to activate blood flow to the vagina: make circles around the belly button, as in a gentle massage.


This is still an unexplored erogenous zone among many couples! Some nerve endings of this part of the body are attached to the genitals. That is, doing a foot massage is also a way to stimulate the vagina’s blood flow. So how about giving more attention to this part of the female body? Massage her feet during foreplay, squeeze each finger gently and give kisses and licks all over it.


The back has many erogenous points, so find out which ones are her favorites! A very sensitive point is the upper back. Spend some time exploring this area: use a massage oil and press her skin gently, increasing the intensity gradually. The part just above the coccyx, where the back ends, is another example of an erogenous zone. This area is full of nerve endings and therefore is very sensitive to touch. Try to slide your fingertips around and notice her reactions. The same goes for the sides of the back. Use a vibrator to discover this part of her body, make circular movements to make her hornier.


One very sensitive area on her body is the clitoris. So this is an erogenous point that shouldn’t be left aside during foreplay. As well as the breasts, it’s an area that demands care in touch and stimuli. On the other hand, getting it right means you’ll be giving her a lot of pleasure: this is a zone full of nerve endings.

During foreplay, use your fingertips to stimulate the clitoris. Vary the intensity of your touch and try using accessories like a vibrator and a good lubricant. Oral sex is also very welcome during foreplay! During oral sex: explore with your fingers or accessories the labia and the vagina entrance. Make circular movements with your tongue, and move it up and down, always varying the intensity.

Male erogenous zones

Men also have areas that are more sensitive to the touch. Some of these areas are similar to female erogenous zones: feet and back, for example. To please and provide a highly enjoyable evening for your love, there are some tips that will help you make him go crazy: get to know some of them below!


Have you noticed that kissing the neck is a way to make him horny? So the first tip is to increase the pleasure sensations provided by touches in this region! Mild bites, hot kisses and licks are some of the things you can do that work well on the neck. This is a great way to make him shiver wanting more!


This area is much less sensitive in the male body, but it can also provide pleasure during foreplay. Try playing the region to know how he reacts to the touch. If it's a positive reaction, enjoy it: this is an erogenous zone for him and a part of his body where he feels comfortable being touched. To keep the area stimulated, take a few light bites and make circles with your tongue.


Touching his thighs is also a way to increase the intensity of pleasure during foreplay, especially when the stimulated part is the inner thigh. This is an area very close to the genitals and it’s also very sensitive to the touch. Take advantage of this is erogenous zone, massage the inside of his thigh and play with your mouth in the area, making circles with your tongue and giving small bites.


This is an easily stimulated area. It is worth giving gentle kisses in the region, licks in the lobes or using your breath as a weapon of seduction. A quick, panting breath near his ears may already be enough to increase his arousal, as well as whispered words in his ear. Intercalate kisses and bites on his ear with exciting phrases. That is, the suggestion is to use your mouth to keep this region well stimulated.


This is an example of a very little-known erogenous zone! The numerous nerve endings of this region also make it a very sensitive point, which causes waves of pleasure and shivers when stimulated. Use this area to try a new thing in your relation: play with the eyelids, touch it with your lower lip and give warm kisses on this part of his body.


In general, they like it when you get right to the point. Stimulating areas such as the ears can have positive effects in his body, but it’s the touch on the genital areas that arouses them the most. Therefore, for men, the testicles represent an erogenous point that must receive special attention during foreplay. It’s worth remembering that this is a very sensitive region, so you have to be careful when touching it. Hold this part of his body with your hands and touch the area gently. During oral sex, it’s also worth remembering the testicles: use your tongue to lick and your mouth to suck this erogenous zone.


The feet are also sensitive parts for men, especially the big toe. Surprise your love by doing a relaxing massage in this area. Then lick and suck on his big toe to cause goose bumps. The nerve connections of this part of the body make it extremely sensitive to these stimuli. Another tip is to run his toes through your body: breasts, belly and inner thigh. Let him feel you in a new and creative way!

Erogenous Zones for Women and Men

Exploring the erogenous zones - Foolproof tips

Now that you know more about the erogenous zones of your partner's body, it's time to put all that knowledge into practice! Enjoy stimulating the regions that give them the most pleasure. That way you’ll discover new sensations during sex and increase the pleasure intensity for you both. It´s a great way to break the routine and spice up the relation, right? Here are some suggestions for foolproof tips on how to use the erogenous zones in favor of your relationship:


Masturbation plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy sex life. In addition to providing pleasure and helping maintain a good mood, this is a great way to know your own body. Take your time to touch yourself and notice which parts are most enjoyable. Touch different areas and notice your reactions. Then share that knowledge with your lover: guide your partner during foreplay, showing which are your erogenous zones and where you like to be touched.

Know their body

Besides your own body, it is important to know your partner's body. That way, sex becomes much better and it’s easier to give them pleasure. Take advantage of this article's tips: try touching the erogenous zones mentioned here and notice what reactions you cause in your partner. Use your creativity to alternate movements and body areas, repeat touching the areas where they like being stimulated the most. It is also important for you to talk about what you like and what you find uncomfortable during sex. This makes your intimate moments be even better!

Do an erotic massage

Do you want a great tip on how to touch all of their erotic zones and also leave your partner very relaxed during foreplay? Give them an erotic massage! Prepare a very quiet and pleasant environment: spread petals, candles, let a sensual song play, put an aphrodisiac essence in your room and use a nice massage oil. Then surprise your lover: let them lie down comfortably and begin your special massage. Take your time and touch all their erogenous zones. Massage their feet to activate blood flow, use intense and soft movements on the back and finish the session in the genital region!

Use sex toys and accessories

Use stimulating items to keep this fresh mood! Use a warming gel to caress his testicles or a cooling gel to play with her genitals. Use your creativity to keep the spicy mood in your relationship. Want another example? Surprise your partner with a vibrator: use the accessory to touch the sensitive parts of their body, discover new sensations together! Another tip is to use a handcuff and a blindfold to create a mood of domination. While they are blindfolded, you touch the erogenous zones, causing goose bumps all over their body.


Now that you have learned the erogenous zones and how to explore them during foreplay, put all this knowledge in practice and leave a comment below to let us know how it worked out for you. 

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