Female Orgasm: Everything You Need to Know

Female Orgasm: Everything You Need to Know

What do you know about the female orgasm?

This knowledge should interest both men and women: knowing your way around female orgasm is essential when giving and receiving pleasure. Do you know, for example, what’s the difference between the vaginal or clitoral orgasm? The answer goes way beyond the obvious and brings a lot of clues about how to give and have more orgasms during sexual intercourse. Thinking about that, we've collected some valuable information about this subject in this article!

Women: find out more about your body and learn to guide your partner toward an orgasm.

Men: know what secrets lie in the female body and gain the ability to give her more pleasure!


Vaginal Orgasm

The vaginal orgasm is that achieved only by stimulating the vagina. The female genital organ has more than one erogenous zone, such as the famous G-spot and the labia minora. Nevertheless, cases of women who have never had orgasms with only vaginal stimulation are not uncommon. Practicing and experiencing different touches and sex positions can make a lot of difference in a woman's sex life!

Some people believe that there are positions that favor this type of orgasm. The woman on top, for example. Certain angles from this position make it easier for the penis to put pressure on the G-spot, increasing the pleasure felt by her and the chances of a vaginal orgasm. Also, this is a position that puts the woman in a dominant role, so it's also a good way to warm up the sex between the couple.

Another position that can favor this type of orgasm is the traditional missionary position. In this position he’s able to put more pressure in the vagina, penetrating with more "force" and intensity, also giving the possibility to rub the clitoris. The variation in "force" and penetration speed also helps to ensure more pleasure for her. 

The sensations provided by touch and sexual position vary a lot from one woman to another: some feel more pleasure in the doggy style position, others prefer to be on top, some have easier orgasms with penetration, others need other areas to be stimulated.

But all are capable of feeling pleasure in sexual intercourse. If you (or your partner) haven’t yet had an orgasm during sex, you may be missing out on experiencing different ways to touch, positions, and accessories. An example would be to use a penis sleeve with ridges or textures to give her a different stimulus and sensation, which can lead to a vaginal orgasm more easily. As well as giving more time to kissing and exploring the erogenous zones during the foreplay to make her more aroused before penetration. 


Clitoral orgasm

Clitoral Orgasm

This is the orgasm achieved by stimulating the clitoris. This is an erogenous zone of the female body that’s very sensitive to the touch: there are thousands of nerve endings in this organ. The clitoris skin is similar to that found in the penis, that is, very susceptible to touch and stimuli. To use this area for female pleasure, whether in masturbation or pleasure to both, it’s important to know where it is: the clitoris is the small organ located at the top of the vagina, right at the point where the labia minora meet.

Clitoral orgasm is more common than vaginal orgasm. According to a survey conducted by orgasmsurvey.com, with almost 5,000 women:

  • 31% claim to be able to reach vaginal orgasms frequently
  • 80% usually reach an orgasm with clitoral stimulation 

That is, the number of women who reach orgasms touching this small area is much higher than the number of women who feel pleasure only with penetration. 

The clitoris has on average only half a centimeter, but when stimulated, it can get four times bigger. In short, this is a powerful erogenous point in the female body, responsible for providing orgasms in many women.

To know the power of clitoral orgasm, the tip is to play with this part of the body. This is a point that can provide a lot of pleasure for the woman, whether she is by herself or with a partner. During masturbation, try touching this small area gently, gradually increasing the speed and intensity of the touch.

The secret is in this variation of movements, which can start in the form of circles and vary during the practice.  To do it on her: use your fingertips to keep the area stimulated, remembering to vary the movements.

This is also an area that should be explored during oral sex: switch your fingers with your tongue and make circular movements, up and down and gentle sucking. As mentioned, the clitoris is a sensitive organ and ideally, you should touch it when the woman is already aroused to a certain degree, do it after the foreplay.


Blended Orgasm 

A blended orgasm is a climax that happens when more than one erogenous zone is being stimulated simultaneously and is for those who can handle two, three, or even for times the intensity and pleasure of a regular orgasm. 

Clitoral stimulation along with G-spot penetration may be your best bet to experience the explosive sensation that typically results from blended orgasm, but it could also come from vaginal penetration along with nipple or anal stimulation, or all of this happening at the same time.

The bigger the orgasm is when more blood flows due to the stimulus of our erogenous zone, therefore the more stimulation there is, higher are your chances of reaching a blended orgasm. So many combinations of touching and teasing can lead you to reach a blended orgasm, but if you are determined to reach one with your lover, consider the woman on top position so both partners can have their hands free to touch her clit, butt, breasts or any other part of the body that gives her pleasure.


Anal Orgasm 

The truth is that not every woman enjoys anal sex or anal play. Some love it, some hate it and others just don’t care for it at all. However, the fact is that an anal orgasm is one that you should know about. 

Sharing many of the same nerves and muscles with the clitoris and the vagina, the anus and rectum are connected to them by a thin stretch of tissue called perineum. One of these muscles is the pelvic floor that is highly sensitive for many women and stimulating it can trigger an anal orgasm as well as a vaginal one. 

Just keep in mind that anal sex does come with risks when not done with hygiene precautions that are important to consider before you try. After all, safe sex must be a priority for you and your partner.


Multiple orgasms

Yes, they exist! But not many women have experienced this sensation. This is due to a number of factors: the lack of knowledge of the body itself and the taboos present in women’s mind, for example. If there are a lot of women who say they have a hard time achieving one orgasm during sex, imagine having several at once!

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. For starters, let's understand what are multiple orgasms? This is the term used when a woman has multiple orgasms in sequence. These orgasms are separated by a time interval, which can take a few seconds or a few minutes. Just as all women can have pleasure during sex, all of them are capable of having multiple orgasms. But if the cases are so rare, what could be missing?

Here's the secret to multiple orgasms:

For men: it’s necessary to know the points that give the most pleasure in their body and keep them stimulated.   

For women: the secret is to forget the "psychological barriers”, that are greatly responsible for the difficulty in having orgasms during sex.

It’s necessary to keep a free mind and be comfortable with your own sexuality to get there. Surrendering to your partner, both body and mind, is the first step to reach an orgasm many times during sex.


G-spot and Female Orgasm

Ah, the famous G-spot! Another part of the woman's body that presents great sensitivity and that guards some of the secrets of the female orgasm. To begin with, it’s good to know that all women have this erogenous point in their vaginal canal. It’s not possible to draw a "treasure map" with the exact location of this point because its position may vary from one person to another.

Although there is no exact position for the G-spot, it’s known that it’s located at the top of the vagina, at the entrance of the vaginal canal. Keeping this point stimulated during sex is another way to reach orgasm. 

There are other forms of orgasms, stimulating other erogenous zones present in the vagina: there are those who mention the AFE zone (Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone), which is in the same vaginal wall, but near the cervix, a point even more sensitive than the G-spot, capable of giving pleasure with touches more subtle than those needed to stimulate the G-spot. The U-spot is located between the vagina and the clitoris and is another example of a highly sensitive area that can be explored during sex. 

The best way to find the location of these points and to find out the best way to stimulate them is to experiment, vary positions, touches and go with what works! It’s also important to take into account that a woman who knows her body is much more prepared to guide her partner and find more pleasure in the sexual relationship! 

Ideally, the couple should spend some time to find where the G-spot is.

This can be done with his fingers or with the use of specific accessories to reach that erogenous zone. The more aroused the woman is, the better: this makes the spot get dilated and thus easier to find. That’s why it's important to start with the foreplay. Then he should put one or two fingers inside the vagina and start exploring the area. The G-spot usually is between 2.5 and 7.5 centimeters from the entrance of the vagina, at the top of the front wall. This is a slightly thicker, spongy erogenous zone. So it’s not difficult to find it.

The stimulation should be done with upward strokes, like a "come here" movement with the fingers. The best accessories to touch this area are the plugs, vibrators, and dildos that have a curvature at the tip, ideal to reach the G-spot and provide more pleasure to her.


A few secrets to help to achieve female orgasm

Once you know more about the erogenous zones responsible for giving pleasure to women, it's time to learn how to keep them stimulated for a healthy and satisfying sex life! A few little secrets help to ensure this, let's get to know them?

Knowing the female body

Female Body

First of all, it’s necessary to know the female body.  Where the G-spot, the U-point, the clitoris, and the female erogenous zones are located. For this, there is a very simple method: to explore and to experiment. Only then, you will find out what works for the couple and what practices and positions are right for her!

For men, the key is to touch their bodies, explore the sensitive regions and encourage new positions that, in addition to bringing something new to the relationship, helps to provide new sensations. Here are some tips on erogenous zones, known to bring great pleasure to women:

Back: Region with many sensitive points!  Massage her and pay special attention to points such as the side of the back and the area just above the butt.

Belly: Continue the massage on the belly.  Use special oils to massage it with your fingertips. Start on the side of the belly and travel across the region. Invest some time in the area near the belly button.

Thighs: Start at the knees and move across the area with your hands.  Merge lighter, circular touches with tougher touches to make her shiver!

Neck: For the neck, the tip is to invest in licking, sucking and wet kisses. It's also worth taking a few light bites in the area. Don’t forget to stimulate the shoulders as well, another important sensitive area of the female body.

For women, the tip is to touch her own body. A good way to do this is by investing some time in masturbation. This is the perfect time to discover yourself and find your sensitive areas. Then just tell him and enjoy more pleasant evenings!

Try sex toys and accessories

Sex Toys For Female Orgasm

Another secret of the female orgasm is the sex toys and accessories used during sex.

A good lubricant makes the penetration more comfortable for her, which makes the body more relaxed and ready to receive pleasure. 

Another excellent example is the vibrators. An accessory that women can use alone, for more powerful masturbation, but that you can also use during sex.

In addition to allowing new sensations in the relationship, this is the perfect item to keep the clitoris stimulated, as well as to enable double penetration. There are vibrators that have different intensities of vibration, which makes it easier to reach the clitoral orgasm. There are also models that can be used during penetration to stimulate the G-spot and even vibrators to be worn during penetration such Dame Eva 2, a little cute hands-free vibe, or the We-Vibe Sync, a couples vibrator one of the most renowned on the market.

Test the different products developed to enhance your sex life and find out which are your favorites! 

The mind and secrets of the female orgasm 

It’s important to remember that the greatest secret of the female orgasm is kept in the mind. The main reason that so many women report difficulties in reaching orgasm during sex is psychological:

  • stress
  • psychological trauma
  • fear of getting pregnant
  • excessive control over emotions
  • inability to “disconnect”
  • negative first sexual experience 

Therefore, for healthy sex life, it’s vital to work out taboos and restrictions that may exist in the mind. Some women feel guilty, others have fears, traumas, or prejudices that prevent them to reach an orgasm with their partner.

These signs are not always clear. Being well with your own sexuality, liking your own body and being comfortable with the positions and practices adopted in the sexual relationship are key factors for the woman to reach an orgasm.

So the tip for women is: to know their own mind, break free from taboos and only do what feels comfortable. Thus, the mind is free to focus on the delicious sensations provided by sex, to create fantasies and discover fetishes.  All of these are essential elements for the female orgasm.


The best sex positions for female orgasm

Don't forget that there are more favorable sex positions for an orgasm.  They are ways of positioning the female body that helps stimulate the erogenous zones of the vagina.  The G-spot, for example, needs intense friction and a stronger touch to bring her to orgasm.  Therefore, a deep and intense position is the ideal to stimulate this area of the female body.

The woman on top, sitting on his body, is a good example to ensure optimal penetration.  Another tip is to leave her in this same position, but with her back to her partner.  To keep the clitoris stimulated during penetration, a good position is: her face down as he penetrates her from behind and uses his fingertips to keep the point stimulated.

Here we will list our top 3 favorite positions for female orgasm: 

Girl on Top

Climb on top of your partner with one leg on either side of his body while he lies on his back. Instead of moving up and down on his penis, try rocking your body back and forth while you have total control of the pace, angle and level of stimulation. 

Doggy Style

Get on your hands and knees while your partner kneels behind you. You can either stay still while he moves back and forth or, alternatively, you can push your hips back and forth against him. The doggy position also facilitates access for anal stimulation at the same time as he penetrates you. You partner can gently rub your anus or even use a sex toy for double penetration.

The Bridge

Staying on your back, start in a missionary position and have your partner sit up so that he is sitting on his ankles with his knees spread wide. Place your feet flat on the bed and arch your hips up so you are in a bridge position. Your partner can grab your hips and use them for leverage when thrusting into you. The bridge position creates a good angle to target the G-spot with very deep stimulation while you or your partner can stroke your clitoris. 


Quick tips for female orgasm

Tips to Female Orgasm


Do not leave foreplay out! They are essential for activating blood circulation, which makes the body even more sensitive to the touch. Generally, it takes 10 to 20 minutes for the female body to be ready for sex.


Try to make contraction movements with your vagina during penetration.  This is one way to increase the intensity of the vaginal orgasm!  Don't worry if it's harder at first, this is a technique that requires practice and concentration. 

Other Senses

There are those who believe that making sounds during orgasm helps increase the quality of pleasure.  It doesn’t hurt to try, does it? When you're in a place suitable for that, try moaning during orgasm.  As a matter of fact, they usually enjoy hearing those sounds!  But attention: moans are only valid when they are natural!

Age and orgasms

One good news is: orgasm tends to get better with age!  This is due to the fact that the older you are, the greater your experience and the greater the confidence you have with your own sexuality. 


Now that you learned the secrets of the female orgasm, grab your partner and make sure you apply what you learned to have an exciting and orgasmic time in the bedroom. But remember that there is no right or wrong way to have sex and every couple have to experiment to find what works for them.

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