9 Sex Positions with Liberator Wedge and Ramp - The Ultimate Guide

9 Sex Positions with Liberator Wedge and Ramp - The Ultimate Guide

We all could use a little help to get us into that perfect sex position. Whether it’s getting the best angle for deeper penetration, elevating your hips enough to perfectly hit the G-spot, or nailing the high-rise doggy style just right, you don’t need to have gymnastics flexibility or perform contortionism to benefit from the Liberator Wedge and Ramp, or the Combo, the best sellers of the amazing range of Liberator sex furniture.

Liberator is a US manufacturer of high-quality bedroom gear and sex furniture for helping you achieve just the right sex position. Its wide range of sex pillows and shapes is designed to help make your sex life more comfortable and allow you to get in positions that you didn’t even think you were able to. Whether you have movement or flexibility limitations, just want to explore every hidden corner of your partner’s body, or make rough sex even better, Liberator sex furniture is your best bet.

The Liberator range goes from sex pillows to chaises, throes, harnesses and bondage accessories.

To help you get the most out of Liberator shapes and sex furniture, our sexperts teamed up with Liberator to put together this ultimate sex position guide for Liberator pillows and shapes. And for that, we picked the best sellers of our Liberator range:

Liberator Wedge Sex Positions

If you're new to the world of sex pillows, this is a good place to start. Sometimes all you need is an extra lift. The Wedge provides a slight yet extremely effective angle to allow for better access and support below your waist.


The Rodeo


Liberator Wedge - Rodeo Sex Position


The height of the wedge lets her tease and please him with hip twists, back-and-forth rubs and up-and-down pumps. With her arms locked in place she can revel in throw-the-head-back abandon while keeping him pinned. 


High-rise Doggy style


Liberator Wedge - High Rise Doggy Sex Position


Being up on your hands and knees for too long can make you feel a little wobbly by being continually pulled back and forward, however with the wedge against your legs for the support you won’t have to focus as much on maintaining stability for the position, therefore, your focus will be on enjoying the sensations.


Oral Sex – Cunnilingus


Liberator Wedge - Oral Sex Position


For oral sex, the Liberator wedge can be used by him or her. When placed under her buttocks it lifts her hips up raising the pelvis to make access to her genitals easier by pushing the vulva forward and angled upwards. When she is performing oral sex on him, the wedge under him will lift his hips so she doesn’t have to bend down so far.


Liberator Ramp Positions

If you're looking for a more intense slope, with the Liberator sex ramp you can achieve even deeper positions and make up for more extreme height differences between partners. Instead of sinking into the mattress while making love, the firm “champagne” foam of the Liberator Ramp will provide both new angles to explore and the support you need


Push to Start


Liberator Ramp - Push to Start Sex Position


For those who want to take the action out of the bed, the ramp can be used on any flat surface such as a table or any other piece of furniture. By leaning her over the ramp on a flat surface, this off-the-bed position provides a slight arch on her back allowing easier entry for the penis to push against her G-Spot with every stroke. It also lets both partners add more excitement and hair-pulling action.


Secret Agent


Liberator Ramp - Secret Agent Sex Position


The Ramp can help couples create loads of feel-good friction in this rear entry sex position. It provides an angle that guarantees he never slips out, no matter how hot and sweaty it gets.


Missionary Position


Liberator Ramp - Missionary Position Sex Position


Sometimes it can be hard to have adequate clitoral stimulation when performing the missionary position due to the position of the clitoris – further or closer from the vaginal opening. The Ramp gives a new range of angles to play around to increase her chances to reach orgasm from vaginal penetration.


Liberator Wedge Ramp Positions 

Combine the benefits of the Wedge and Ramp to create one ultimate bedroom accessory that allows you to fashion an intimate playground ready for adventure. The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo allows your experience to be more customized to different positions and heights.


The Lustful Cobra


Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo - The Lustful Cobra Sex Position


This position serves a dual purpose by leaning her body forward. It provides a better angle to stimulate her G-Spot and gives him a privileged view of her genitals in action. The wedge supports his fulcrum point letting him thrust upward while the ramp provides extra lower back support allowing him to perform longer and better.


The Bridge


Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo - The Bridge Sex Position


The Bridge sex position is perfect for those who enjoy sexy eye contact, however it can put a lot of pressure on her legs by being on top. Using the wedge ramp combo makes the position a lot more comfortable by placing the wedge under his knees serving as a support to lift his hips. This will also help take some burden off her thighs.


Periscope Down


Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo - The Periscope Down Sex Position


Combine the two pieces and let the magic happen when performing the periscope down sex position. The ramp keeps her legs tight and high to allow a deeper entry for him and providing a more sustained stimulation right where she wants. It also allows a more precise downward angling of his thrust to hit her G-Spot more precisely.


Now that you learned this 9 sex positions to perform with your favourite Liberator sex furniture piece, experiment for incredible fun and bring intense pleasure to the bedroom that you have never anticipated. It makes your favourite sex positions even better. If you’re into adventure, or simply want something to make sex more comfortable and pleasurable, Liberator Sex furniture is a must-have!


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Grab someone you love and start exploring. Liberator sex furniture is best when shared.

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