A Guide to Better Oral Sex For Couples

A Guide to Better Oral Sex For Couples

To reach the sexual apex it’s very important that you take your time during foreplay (before sexual penetration) and be very affectionate. And to help you make the most out of foreplay, oral sex is a great option to start off in bed as well as being a fetish for many people. It can also be an act to express affection and intimacy.

With good oral sex, besides being a turn on during foreplay, you can tease and make your partner much hornier and more loose in bed.


How to give good oral sex to a men

How to give good oral sex to a men


Let's start with the main secrets for women to give maximum pleasure for men. The tip is to use our step-by-step as a basis and to spice up the action with those little details about him that only you know!


Set the mood

Just like women, men need to be teased. To do this, remember that men are essentially aroused by what they see. So it may be a good idea to leave a lamp with the lights on. Leave around a few accessories such as flavored lube that might be useful to increase the pleasure of both when it’s time for the oral sex!


Everything begins with the touch

Prepare your partner, start touching his penis as a hint of what’s to come. Now, eye contact is appreciated by them. So be sure to look him in the eyes while playing with their sexual organs. Also, touch his chest and his inner thighs as these are important erogenous zones.


Play with his other senses

In addition to stimulating his vision and skin contact, hearing is a sense that shouldn’t be forgotten! This is the moment to say the things you know will make him horny. Most men get excited with a bit of dirty talk, so don't be shy!


The ideal position

You can use your creativity to make everything more intimate and according to the preferences of the couple. But if you have questions about what’s the best position to be while doing oral sex on him, here's a tip every man appreciates: get in a doggy position and keep your body at a 90-degree angle. This is the ideal position for him to see your body while receiving affection. Do not forget: men are very visual.


The mouth on the penis

The foreplay is as important for men as it is for women but in much less time. So play a game of seduction, but go quickly to the point: your mouth on his penis. The secret is to focus your tongue and mouth on his glans, which is the head of the male sexual organ. Hold the shaft of his penis while playing with this extremely sensitive area.


Vary your suction intensity

The tip is to vary your movements and intensity. Start slow and increase speed. Just be careful not to overdo it: always remember that this is a very sensitive area.


Use your hands and play with nearby areas.

Besides the mouth, your hands should be widely used to ensure your partner's pleasure. Use them to hold the base of the penis while sucking, to masturbate your partner and also to massage the testicles and his inner thigh. The perineum (the region between the testicles and the anus) is also an important erogenous zone and can't be ignored.


Careful with your teeth

If there is something that can scare your partner and ruin the mood, it's the teeth. The sensitivity of the genital area causes great pleasure but is also an area that can easily get hurt. So don’t even think about giving little nibbles and try to avoid the contact of your teeth with his penis.


Don’t forget to be creative

This is the time when it’s also worth using accessories to increase pleasure. There are specific gels for oral sex. Find out what your partner's favorites are, and be sure to use them.


The final secret

Lots of saliva! That's right, oral sex can have the opposite effect than expected if the penis is not very well lubricated. This means that it can cause discomfort and even pain. Avoid this: use lots of saliva to give pleasure to your partner.



How to give good oral sex to a women

How to give good oral sex to a women


The best way to perform great oral sex on women is by communicating to learn how she really likes and practicing! Every woman is different. Some may like pinpoint stimulation, others prefer more exploration of the whole region of the vagina, but lots of patience, gentle movements and the alternate use of your tongue and fingers are some of the secrets that most women like.



Women tend to take longer than men to warm up their bodies. So they generally enjoy longer foreplay. To please your partner, spend some time exploring her erogenous zones such as her neck, nipples, and belly before heading down to her vagina. Start with more teasing kisses and body touches in those areas and in no time she will be asking you to head south.


Choose your position

There is a multitude of positions that can be chosen to give her oral. The suggestion is to test all of them until you find the couple's favorite. A classic example is the 69, in which both give and receive touches and licks in the intimate area at the same time. Another option is to leave her seated, with legs open, to facilitate access to the clitoris. You can also let her lie down while having oral sex on her, many women like this position because they feel dominated by their partner. 


The best place

As with the positions, the best place depends on the mood and preference of the couple. Again, the tip is to use your creativity and test the most exciting places. As a starting point, try on the edge of the bed, with her sitting and you kneeling, or on the edge of a chair.


Don’t go straight to the point

While men often get impatient with delaying, most women get aroused by the expectation of receiving oral sex. So as mentioned before, explore the area of her thighs, belly, labias and only then go for the clitoris.


Varying movements, always

Don’t let her get bored receiving oral sex: vary the intensity and direction of the movements. But remember: everything slowly and smoothly so you don’t break the mood. Relax your tongue, make circles, small spiral movements and draw the number eight.


Observe her reactions

There is no better way of knowing if you are doing things right. Make eye contact from time to time and learn to translate the signals she gives you.


Dirty talk

Stimulating other senses will help to get your partner even hornier. Talk dirty to your woman to tell her how good is the taste and smell of her vagina and express how much you enjoy seeing her from that angle. Showing how much you like to please her and how giving her oral makes you horny will boost her own pleasure.


The famous clitoris

This is the female's main erogenous zone and cannot be forgotten: it has thousands of nerve endings that cause extreme pleasure in women. It’s important to know your partner's reactions. If she enjoys playing with the clitoris, the tip is to use your tongue to caress the area and make gentle suction movements. Pay attention to her reactions. Some women like the man to stimulate the clit with a hard tongue and some women prefer lighter pressure.


Don’t rush your partner

A fact that should be considered is that not all women can reach an orgasm with oral stimulation. That doesn’t mean they don’t like it or don't get more excited and lubricated for penetration. So take this moment to make her relaxed and never press her to have an orgasm during oral sex. That will put a lot of stress on her and ruin the moment.


Fingers: your best friends for a good oral sex

The secret is to use your tongue for licking, the lips for small suctions and the fingers to simulate penetration and massage the sensitive areas near the vagina. Always with intercalated harmonic movements. You can also use products that help give your partner more pleasure. A gel that heats up or refreshes, a vibrator to make penetrating movements while performing oral sex, are just some examples.


Sex Toys to spice up oral sex

To help increase this teasing, we’ve selected some tips and product recommendations that can help, increase, give a taste and make ita much more pleasurable time for both.

Check out our tips and visit our store to enhance your sex life!


Play with the tastes!

With several options of gels for oral sex, like our Sensuva (On) Collection, you can play with flavors in the act and also provoke new sensations. In this line, get to know our novelty, the Sensuva ON Chocolate flavored arousal oil, it’s as delicious as it is powerful!!


Play with the freshness!

Many people have already used ice to cause a thermal shock in the area and increase the pleasure. In that sense, you can use a gel that refreshes such as the Sensuva ON Ice that has a cooling, pulsating sensation on the clitoris.


Let your partner look!

It’s not only men who are aroused by what they see, women also often enjoy looking at their partner while he performs the act of affection. To make it all more romantic, a good tip is to use the Bijoux Indiscrets Melt My Heart Massage Candle. In addition to leaving the ambiance in half-light, the candle is also a great moisturizer (you can drip it on the skin, it doesn’t burn) and it is edible with delicious flavors. It is made with 100% natural ingredients, is 100% Vegan and contains no Parabens. So you have a way of moving from oral sex to a more provocative game.


Or leave the person blindfolded!

Another cool game is to blindfold your love. This increases the sensitivity and perception of each gesture of oral sex. For a more provocative game, you can use the Bijoux Indiscrets Blind Passion Mask, and pair it the Bijoux Indiscrets Frou Frou - Organza Handcuffs to add more excitement.


Explore different angles

Getting your partner lying on their back is the most common way to go for many people, however, exploring new angles will take your oral sex game to a whole new level. For that, our Liberator sex furniture range will help to add support elevating your partner's hip so you find new positions when giving oral sex.

Much is said about Oral Sex. It may even be more talked about than practiced. But anyone who has ever received a good, well done oral sex, knows the power of the pleasure sensation, relaxation, and excitement that the act causes. Choose some of the many tips and enjoy oral sex to the fullest - both when performing and when receiving it!


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