Prostate Massage – All you need to know for the orgasm of your life

Prostate Massage – All you need to know for the orgasm of your life

Talking about prostate massage or anything related to anal play is not always easy, as many men still have fears and taboos on the subject. But they don't know what they’re missing! The male prostate is a highly erogenous zone and it’s possible to achieve incredible orgasms when massaging it, either with a finger or with the help of a prostate massage toy, or preferably with your partner giving you a prostate massage during sex.

Let’s bust some myths that involve the prostate and male sexual pleasure? Yes, let's do it!

In this article, we’ll talk more about this possibility of pleasure that can be incorporated into your sex life, give the best tips on prostate massage techniques and how to do it, its benefits and, of course, help you choose the best male prostate massage toys available in the market.


Prostate massage orgasm: Those who have experienced it, recommend it!

It’s no wonder why the prostate is called the male G-spot. It does not disappoint those who learn to "play" with it! The thing is that orgasms achieved with prostate stimulation can be more intense and longer lasting than penile orgasms.

The prostate orgasm can be considered a pre-ejaculation stage, since it’s this gland that produces the fluid that will mix with the semen to create the sperm. So, stimulating the prostate makes the orgasm much, much more pleasurable and this stimulation is nothing more than massaging the prostate. But achieving an orgasm via the prostate requires patience, since the stimulation should last about 15 minutes to reach the climax.

Prostate massage can be performed by skilled professionals. In this case, it’s recommended in order to avoid men’s health problems (see below). But in sexual practices, it can also be very welcome.

Male Prostate Orgasm


Prostate massage therapy and male pleasure: controversy ahead

A truly controversial subject. But nothing that a little more information, open-mindedness, and experimentation can’t help.

What matters least is whether the man will massage his prostate alone or with his partner. The most important thing is to keep in mind that pleasure by the prostate is possible regardless of whether they are homo, bi or heterosexual. Let’s see below.

There are heterosexual men who are more open to new forms of sex and pleasure and have already experienced prostate stimulation in several ways, either by themselves or with a partner: using fingers or with prostate massage toy. The pleasure it provides and the orgasm can be indescribable. But there are those who have never considered this possibility, they are satisfied with their ways of feeling pleasure. And that’s fine!

The ass fingering, for example, is something along these lines that don’t necessarily have to do with the man’s sexual orientation. The fact is that the entire anal region has nerve endings that if stimulated can make the man feel arousal and pleasure. And the man who enjoys some ass fingering can be simply taking advantage of this possibility and remains heterosexual. It has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

In fact, these men who enjoy ass fingering may be much more likely to allow and be fulfilled with prostate massage. But this is not a rule, it’s just a guess, so any man can come to experience and enjoy it — as long as he remembers to give pleasure to his partner as well.

And there may also be an important difference here: men who like getting their ass fingered may need this stimulation to have an erection and/or pleasure, but it’s more likely that the majority of men don’t have this need (of having their ass fingered); but those who may enjoy a prostate massage may not even like ass fingering, after all the prostate massage is much deeper and may need another kind of preparation, having an open mind with themselves and their partner, while the ass fingering is something more superficial.

Another thing we must consider is that the concept of being passive and active in sex should not be viewed so rigidly. That is, in sex, everything can be valid, as long as there is pleasure. In this sense, the woman can take control of the sex, she can also use dildos and penetrate her man (heterosexual, yes), can massage his prostate and more. All without worrying about who is active or passive. Thus, fulfillment is the guide.

Let’s make it clear: if you are a heterosexual man, it’s not the fact that you or your partner introduced something into your anus that will make you homosexual if that’s what you’re afraid of. You will still be attracted to women, having relationships and sex with them, and you will have one more way to feel pleasure. And intense good pleasure, you bet!


Prostate massage benefits for men's health and pleasure

Massaging the prostate can bring benefits not only in the form of more powerful orgasms, but its benefits to the sexual health of men of all ages are well recognized. Check out a few!

Prevents prostate cancer

There is no medical consensus on the benefits of prostate massages, but among those mentioned, especially from a clinical point of view, are prostate cancer prevention and reducing prostate inflammation (known as prostatitis), as massage mainly provides better blood flow to the spot.

Since blood circulation improves with massage, relieving possible gland inflammations, it’s possible to reduce the chances of prostate cancer and also of less serious diseases, such as hypertrophy. Also, having recurrent contact with the prostate helps you notice changes in size, for example.

Improves erection problems

Prostate massage also helps fight sexual impotence problems. Since it’s a region full of nerve endings, some professionals argue that prostate stimulation helps the man to get and maintain an erection more easily.

But there are controversies in saying that contact with the prostate helps in male erection. The prostate has an important role in ejaculation, but has no influence on the mechanism of erection, advocate other professionals. Therefore, some may say that the sexual benefit to the practitioner of prostate massage would be essentially pleasure, orgasm, regardless of his penis or his penile erection.

Anyway, if the prostate massage doesn’t help with erections, it won’t make it more difficult either. 

Turns you on

The Urology Department of Columbia University in New York conducted a survey where 154 men made use of prostate massage toys and 10% of participants reported increased ejaculation and sexual function.

By the way, it’s not uncommon for men to have great orgasms without even touching their member when performing prostate stimulation.

Other Benefits of prostate stimulation

Prostate massage also facilitates the flow of urine because the urethra is attached to the prostate, and if this gland is massaged there is a reflex in the urethra and consequently in the urinary system.

Another benefit is having less pain when ejaculating (or shortly after ejaculation). This pain usually happens because, after the passage of the sperm, the liquid can accumulate in the ejaculatory duct. And prostate massage can make orgasm and ejaculation much stronger, enough to empty this liquid out of the ducts, thus reducing or healing the pain.


Step by step to perform a prostate massage

When performed by a professional, prostate massage can be done with fingers or using special equipment, by inserting them into the anus, the only way to reach it. In order to do that, gloves and lubricant are usually used to relieve discomfort and pain.

As we have said, it’s something that can also be performed for sexual purposes. And here we will give the steps so that the man can achieve maximum pleasure by himself or with his partner giving him a prostate massage during sex.

But firstly, you must know how to find it! This gland is located below the bladder; it can be reached by the anus and is about 5 to 10cm from its entrance. That is, it’s quite easy to find it using your fingers initially. It’s about the size of a chestnut.

Prostate Anatomy

Now, let's go straight to the tips on how to perform or give a prostate massage that will bring a lot more pleasure to your relationship (to your partner or to you!):

Preparing for a prostate massage

The man needs to pee to have an empty bladder. The nails should be well trimmed to avoid cuts or anything like that. The anal canal needs to be clean, and for this usually a simple clean up in the shower is enough, but if you want to guarantee, even more, do an enema, but pay attention, use sterilized water or saline. If you prefer, use gloves.

The anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication, as the vagina does, so the use of lubricant, and by that we mean a lot of lubricants, is highly recommended and can’t be skipped. 

The man needs to be very relaxed so that it doesn’t cause discomfort, pain or anal fissures. Take this moment to relax, either by yourself or with your partner, very patiently and gently. Spreading the product around and inside the anus also helps a lot. 

The best position for a prostate massage

By yourself, maybe the best position is lying on your back, over some pillows, and maybe you can flex your legs, so that your hands can reach your anus more easily, either over your legs or even under them. Using a mirror can greatly help you have a better view of your lower body area.

You can also be in this position with your partner, because then the person will have a privileged view, in front of you, with much more power of action to give the massage. They can also sit comfortably, on their knees, or with their legs crossed or open over yours. You, either by yourself or with your partner, will find the best position. 


Yes, good foreplay can make all the difference. Rushing things might not be so comfortable or pleasurable. Laying the groundwork and evolving slowly is the best way to go. So, start stimulating externally. Caress the perineum (below the scrotal sac), run your hands there. If you are the partner, use your hands and tongue. Caress, but also vary the intensity on the perineum region, touch, perform an erotic massage. Keep going subtly and gently and with circular motions massage the anal entrance. At this moment, if you are with a partner, it’s a good thing to motivate them saying what you want.

Enter slowly

Make sure both the anal region and the fingers are well lubricated. Gradually introduce only one of the fingers. With one finger inside, allow some time to get used to the sensation. Don’t just focus on the prostate yet. The anus can be stimulated as much as the genitals because it’s a highly vascularized area, so don’t forget to caress this region first. Then, begin to make subtle movements on the walls of the rectum, so that you become more and more accustomed and feel small doses of excitement and pleasure.

The right moment

When you are well accustomed and relaxed, insert your finger for about five centimeters, always gently. Now the prostate is being touched or close to being touched (it’s a slightly rounded skin bulb). No worries. To make sure it’s the gland, point your finger towards the belly (with your finger slightly curved), and begin to massage, making subtly circular and delicate movements with low pressure. You will identify an odd surface, something like a small ball. Keep moving your finger as if asking for someone to come to you with the tip of your finger (careful with the nail), without putting much pressure, because instead of inducing pleasure, it can cause the opposite, pain. By yourself or with your partner, try to apply subtler or more intense movements and if you are stimulating your partner's prostate, ask him to determine the pace of your movements. This will help him relax and feel in control of the situation.


The man may achieve superior orgasms only with prostate stimulation, but in the meantime, you may consider stimulating also the testicles and the penis with your hands or with your mouth, as you prefer.

Finishing up

Continue with both external and internal stimulation. Rhythmic movements can make all the difference to achieve pleasure, but notice that the prostate stimulation (more than in the anal folds) is more important than anything for an intense prostate orgasm, so have patience, so that the man can reach this peak pleasure as spontaneously as possible. Massage your prostate, apply more or less pressure, say erotic words, use your imagination. And the peak of pleasure will come.


Get to know the best prostate massagers

We-Vibe Ditto Vibrating Butt Plug

Those who want to leave the prejudice aside and explore all the pleasure that our bodies can provide have great options for prostate massagers. Let’s see the models.


Prostate and perineum massager

The perineum is the region located between the testicles and the entrance of the anus and should not be overlooked. This region is rich in nerve endings that when stimulated provide good sensations and should be included in the foreplay so the partner can feel a taste of what is to come.

Now for those who want to stimulate both areas at the same time, there are models that do just that! Most products are made of silicone, a safe material, and with a velvety touch to help you relax and enjoy the massage.

Svakom Vicky

Svakom Vicky is a powerful prostate and perineum massager offering 7 modes with 5 levels of intensity. That means 35 different ways to take you from the beginning all the way to the end of the ultimate orgasm. It is specially designed with the pinhole charging port. Vicky is totally waterproof so why not take it into the bath or down to the pool?


Rechargeable prostate stimulator

For having fun solo or with a partner, rechargeable models will amaze you. In addition to vibration, some have different vibrating modes, which can be toggled. The use is simple and was developed with a design that provides more comfort during the massage.

One of its competitive edges is in how they charge, via USB cable, which is much cheaper and ensures that you will never miss your fun!

Fun Factory Tiger G5

Fun Factory Tiger G5 comes with powerful Fun Factory’s Generation 5 motor, 12 vibration modes, Press fun to play control and battery level display. The curved toy end on Tiger G5 pleasures the G-spot in a woman and the prostate in a man. Smooth and sleek like a cat of prey, the particularly pliable shaft made of medical-grade silicone can adapt to the body's shape and any imaginable position. So, it is sure to reach even the most hidden passion points with powerful vigor.


Prostate stimulator with remote control

With several different modes of vibration, the prostate stimulator with remote control lets you be in charge of the action using a separate device. The shape allows for a pleasant penetration and the velvety touch gives an extra stimulus to your moments of intimacy. 

We-Vibe Ditto

We-Vibe Ditto vibrating butt plug is all you will need if you are looking for deep vibrations. This new exciting new toy by We-Vibe comes with a remote. Your partner gets a chance to watch you enjoying some pleasure and being in complete control at the same time.

We-Vibe Ditto On Sale

It can also be controlled using the We-Connect App that allows you to pair your partner’s phone giving them total control of your toy for incredible prostate stimulation. No matter where your partner is, and by that we mean anywhere in the world - connect across the room or from a different continent, with We-Connect your prostate massage will be just as intimate as when you are in the same room. It is perfect for when you would like to add a new dimension to your anal play or step things up a gear or two.


Simple prostate massager

For those who prefer simpler and cheaper but no less pleasurable stimulators, these models can be a good call to fulfill your desires!

Fun Factory Magnum

With the slightly curved shape, it finds the right angle to stimulate the prostate during anal play. Fun Factory Magnum always delivers feelings of fullness. Solo or with a partner the Magnum provides users with long hours of experimenting. Thanks to its flat base it can be used with a harness and easily adheres to smooth surfaces and walls.

Even with differences between them, one thing should be common to all: hygiene. Always clean your prostate stimulator before and after use with water and neutral soap or with specific products suitable for sex toys.


Patience and practice with prostate massage

Things might not be the best they could be on the first time, but it's a matter of practice, and that means that the more times you do it, the more pleasurable it can be.

Prostate massage can also be easily performed with specific sex toys as shown above being more efficient and more pleasurable than using fingers.

The man can even experience prostate massage without touching his penis, to notice the differences between one form and another, and thus choose how he wants to feel pleasure, and if one offers more advantages than the other. 

As a partner, it’s good to always pay attention to the sensations of the person being massaged, looking in the eye, also stimulating visually and with the other senses - even in case there is some discomfort or if he wants to stop.


So, are you convinced that the prostate can be a great ally of your pleasure? How about experiencing a prostate massage by yourself or with a partner? Take your time to shop for a prostate massager at our store and release your desires, live your fantasies and explore everything that your body has to offer introducing prostate massage to your bedroom play.

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