How to Strip Tease for Your Partner – A Guide for Couples

How to Strip Tease for Your Partner – A Guide for Couples

Strip tease is a great way to keep the relationship fresh. But the practice is much more than taking clothes off in front of the partner: for the strip tease to be good, it’s necessary to choose the right music, set the mood and bet on infallible techniques. 

This is precisely what we talk about in this article. The suggestion is simple: read the tips in this guide, adapt the techniques presented to the couple's tastes, and try this exciting practice with your partner!


History of the Strip tease 

Many people still don’t know the power and mysteries of a good strip tease, but this art has already been practiced for many years. According to researcher Jessica Glasscock, author of the book Striptease - from gaslight to spotlight, the strip that we know today had its origin in audacious burlesque shows. 

At that time, the rules about what could be shown publicly were very strict. To get around the current censorship, the spectacles sought to link the nakedness of women to art. To this end, the burlesque directors created a show known as Tableaux Vivants (which were nothing more than live pictures). These shows sought to reproduce famous pieces of classical art, such as the painting "The Birth of Venus". That way, women could expose their bodies in public, without this being considered an obscene act, after all, it was a representation of art.

All this influence was of great importance for the creation of the stript ease, which officially emerged in the year of 1917.

Striptease Guide

The venue was the National Winter Garden theater in the United States, and the star of the show was the comedian Mae Dix. It all began in a seemingly casual manner: some of Mae's clothes were detachable. Since it was a hot night, the comedian decided to take the collar off her dress, followed by heated reactions from the audience. The positive reaction from the crowd encouraged Mae, who then removed the cuffs from her clothes and opened a few buttons of her dress. 

Of course, the success led to more similar shows and so the strip tease was officially born. From then on the practice was gaining boldness and its own techniques. In 1931, the National Winter Garden became the stage for the performances of a famous stripper, considered the greatest in American history: Gypsy Rose. Part of Gypsy's fame came from the fact that the stripper knew how to dose two essential elements on the strip: exposing and teasing.


Preparing for strip tease for your partner

Set the mood

Strip tease is a relatively simple practice, but to ensure the show made for your love has the expected effect, you must master the technique well. A strip is much more than just taking off your clothes. To begin, you need to set the right mood for the sensual show. Here it’s worth to be creative and add elements that are special to the couple. 

Start choosing the right place

It could be the bedroom, the living room or some other place where you feel comfortable. There's only one rule: It's important to choose a place where you have privacy, without risk of being interrupted in the middle of the show. Then make sure the lighting is adequate. Generally, good lighting should be soft, to ensure a SEXY mood, but strong enough for your partner to admire your body and the strip tease moves. One tip is to turn off the lights and use candles and lamps as light sources. To get the lighting just right, you can cover the lampshades with tissues and thin fabrics.

Remember to leave a reasonable space for your performance, preferably facing the bed, the sofa or a comfortable chair. That’s where your partner will stay during your show. Another point that deserves special attention is the scents chosen. Creating a sensual environment is not difficult, but it’s important to notice the details. You can use scented candles, incense with special scents or aphrodisiac essences.

Consider that the more favorable is the mood, the better the sex will be. Play with your senses and your partner’s: create the ideal setting, betting on good lighting, stimulate smell with adequate essences, and so on! 


Good strip tease songs 

An essential element in the strip is the music. That’s what will guide your moves and set the rhythm of the show. The choice of songs has a big influence on the success of your show! Ideally, choose a soft and sensual playlist. You can include some songs that are special for the couple and make the mood even more romantic. To help you out, we've put together a list of stimulating songs that are ideal for setting the erotic mood you need for your strip tease:

Girl on fire, Alicia Keys

Great song to start a female strip and tell your love: she's just a girl and she's on fire, hotter than a fantasy. In addition to the suggestive lyrics, the music beats are great for walking slowly and sensually toward your partner.

Better in time, Leona Lewis

This is a song that works for both his and her strip tease. The song starts slow and gets more and more intense, the perfect rhythm to make the show more interesting.

Rhythm is a dancer, Snap

Ideally, you should intercalate slow songs with faster rhythms and this is a great example to make the show more lively.

Sweet dreams, Eurythmics

Another song with great beats to guide your strip. Follow the music rhythm with sensual and provocative moves, while slowly undressing.

Edge of the world, Faith no more

This is a very sensual song, just follow it and enjoy the show!

You can leave your hat on, Joe Cocker

This song is very propitious for a strip tease because it says: Take off your coat, real slow and take off your shoes. Also, the music video is a great source of inspiration for your show, it's worth watching!

Lady Marmalade, Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink

Another great example of music with perfect beats for a strip. Another reason to include this song in your soundtrack is that the lyrics are quite suggestive.

Fever, Peggy Lee

Another song with suggestive lyrics and an ideal rhythm for a very sensual strip! You give me fever when you kiss me, fever, when you hold me tight.

While preparing your strip tease, remember that the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable. Take this into consideration while choosing the location, music, clothing, and all other elements that will be part of the fun. The more relaxed you are, the better your show will be!


Step by step to strip tease

Before the show

It all starts with the preparations: choose the place, the music, the clothes and leave everything ready for the strip tease. Place the candles, cover the lamps and finish decorating the room. Plan your show and leave all the necessary accessories nearby. You can send some clues to your love, to stimulate his/her curiosity. Remember to tease, without revealing everything at once: ideally, the strip should be a surprise. You can send a suggestive photo and include a curious message about what might happen later, for example. Suggest in the message that during the game, you will be in charge and he/she won’t be able to touch you.


How to strip tease for a man

How to Strip Tease for a Man

Women have an advantage over men when it comes to strip tease: they have many more sexy accessories to stimulate their boyfriend during the show. Lace stockings, panties with enticing details, transparent bras, and many other items that are great for keeping the provocative mood, an essential element for a well-done strip. Also, let your hair loose and bet on a special make-up to turn him on even more.

So the tip is: invest in lingerie and accessories. Generally, men like details in laces, small panties, high heels, and red and black underwear. But ideally, you should evaluate what your boyfriend's taste is and take this moment to please him. To surprise him during the show, the tip is to use new and special lingerie underneath your clothes. You can also add some creative items to the show: gloves and a garter belt, for example. Use all your creativity to surprise your love! A sexy corset, costumes, a fishnet jumpsuit underneath: everything is worthy to keep him aroused. One suggestion that helps create some mystery and teasing is to choose a coat or, better yet, an overcoat that covers most of your body to begin the show! 

Again, it’s important that you feel comfortable wearing and taking off these clothes. Otherwise, it’s best to leave them for when you are more professional in the art of taking off your clothes with sensual movements. The only way to achieve this is by practicing. So before you even perform your first strip tease for your boyfriend, it’s recommended that you practice. Put one of your chosen songs into your playlist, get in front of the mirror and practice. Start by taking off your blouse, skirt, whatever else you are wearing, and finally the bra and panties. Try to keep a sensual rhythm by moving your hips gently.


How to strip tease for a woman

How to Strip Tease for a Woman

Women are also stimulated by seeing their partners taking their clothes off and dancing sensuously. Even though men don’t have as many accessories as women, it’s possible to use your creativity to make it more interesting. The costumes can be an erotic fantasy, like the uniforms of a fireman or a bartender. Suits, ties and even a tuxedo can also be worn. Everything depends on the mood you want to set.

Just like in the female strip tease, the male strip should also reveal, tease and amuse. That is, the night should be fun, the movements should be spontaneous and you need to reveal your body gradually. The goal is to take the clothes off, but knowing how to measure the teasing is what guarantees the success of the performance. Keep in mind that leaving your girlfriend a little anxious helps increase her sexual desire. 

If it helps, look for inspiration in movies and videos. It’s also important to practice a little earlier, this helps to make the body more relaxed and to learn the different ways to take off the pieces of clothing. One tip is to record the rehearsal, to watch how you’re moving. So you can visualize what is really sexy and what can be improved. All to make the show even more exciting and provocative!


Before you start stripping 

It all starts with the preparations: choose the place, the music, the clothes and leave everything ready for the strip tease. Place the candles, cover the lamps and finish decorating the room. Plan your show and leave all the necessary accessories nearby. You can send some clues to your love, to stimulate his/her curiosity. Remember to tease, without revealing everything at once: ideally, the strip should be a surprise. You can send a suggestive photo and include a curious message about what might happen later, for example. Suggest in the message that during the game, you will be in charge and he/she won’t be able to touch you. 


How to strip for your partner – a step by step for him and for her

It’s showtime! Let your partner sit comfortably on the chair, sofa, or bed - so you’ll be above him/her during the strip and they can watch you from a provocative angle - and start the show. Play the soundtrack and enter the scene sensuously, following the rhythm of the song. Remember to keep eye contact throughout the strip, to keep the teasing mood!


Begin by dancing to the rhythm of the music, moving your hips from side to side. Remember that the secret is knowing the right amount of teasing. Midway through the first song start to open your coat very slowly, then turn your back to him and take off this piece of clothing. Enjoy the moment: let the coat fall to your waist, move your hips sensuously, looking at him over your shoulders.

Then it's time to take the rest of the clothes off and show the surprises underneath. Skirts and dresses are the best options because they can be taken off sensually. Let the straps of the blouse or dress slide down your body, play with the buttons, throw the pieces on him, get in the mood of the moment.

When all that’s left is your lingerie, tease even more. Leaving him thinking about what’s to come is what ensures the success of the evening. Take a chair, sit down, open and close your legs. Then walk around the chair, let him admire your body from every angle. Take off your high heels and place your foot on the chair: begin unrolling the thin or lace stockings while keeping your body slightly tilted, with your butt up. Put your high heels back on, to make him even more anxious. Remember that men love to see women shaking their butts and use this moment to let him admire your butt. 

Tease while you take off each piece of your lingerie. Move your hands through your body, get closer to him, but don’t let him touch you until the end of the show! Bet on teasing positions for him: stand on your side, then facing him, and never take your eyes off of him. Let the bra strap fall over your shoulders before you take it off. Hint that the next piece to go is your panties, but don’t take it off at once. Run your hands around the area, play with the piece. End the show with your back to him, throw a sensual look and take off your panties. Let the panties fall to the floor, still with your back turned to him, take the piece from the floor slowly and sensuously, showing your butt up. Then throw it to your love as a sign that he can now actively participate in the show. 


Enter the scene with high self-confidence, this is aphrodisiac for women. It's time to show all the moves you’ve practiced: let yourself be involved by the rhythm of the music. Standing in front of her, start taking the first piece off, to give her a hint of what's to come. Throw the clothes off to the side, but don’t look away from her at any moment.

Take off your shoes, open the button on your pants and let it slip through your body. Walk around the room to let her admire your body. Stand sideways, facing her, then showing your back as you dance to the song. Take off your shirt, but leave the tie, sensually opening each button. Stop halfway, dance some more, and then continue to take it off completely. It's all part of the teasing game.

Wearing only your tie and underwear, continue dancing sensuously. Then take off your tie and get closer to her, but make it clear that she can only admire and not touch you. This helps to increase sexual tension. To finish the show, take off your underwear. Play a little with it first, run your hands through the area, lower the underwear slightly, and then wear it back until you finally remove it completely.


After the strip show

After the strip is over, it's time to enjoy the mood you just created to end the night in an unforgettable and different way for the couple. After you finish your show, that’s the moment when they can finally touch you. The teasing ends and the fun starts with both participating. Leave nearby some sex toys, massage oils and other items that help keep the foreplay hot

Keeping a spicy sexual relationship is simpler than it may seem. Simply invest in accessories and techniques that help break the routine. The strip tease is a great example: surprise your love! Read our tips, practice some sexy moves and get ready for a hot night with your partner. Remember the secrets of a great strip tease: keep your posture relaxed, make comfortable choices and don’t forget the three elements of erotic dancing: teasing, revealing and fun!


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